Holiday visits

Thursday, December 23, 2010

We had an appreciated influx of visitors over the past few weeks.  It has been a lot of fun hosting and so nice to see people especially around the jolliest time of the year.  Gma and Pappy Butch came for a visit the last weekend of hunting season.  So while Daddy and Pappy Butch were in the woods; Grey hung out with his Mum and Gma.  I was able to run some errands unrestricted by a car seat which is always amazing.  Grammie even made us some homemade chicken noodle soup, which Grey slurped down like a little porker.  He loves him some pasta.
So comfy - snoozin' on Gma

Then we got a visit from my NY/TFA friend, Kelly and her husband Matt.  Kelly & I were roommates in Brooklyn and we haven't seen each other for three years.  So on their car trip down the east coast from MI, they did a somewhat out-of-the-way trip to stop and visit us for the afternoon!  It was so nice catching up and seeing them again.  Grey was a big hit and Bullet was the happiest of all to have a playdate all afternoon since Kel & Matt brought their lab, Maka.  Oh, happiness for Bully.

Then we had a visit from the whole Adams crew the weekend before Christmas.  The boys all got to go ice fishing (happiness for them), while the girls hung out and baked cookies, drank "loaded" hot chocolate (aka +kahlua), and laughed and giggled the weekend away.  Booboo got lots of loving from everyone.

Abba & Grey

Poppa Chum & Grey playing with the window decorations

Aunt Kitty, booboo, and Aunt Uch

Grey hanging with his bud, Jordan
We also got a visit from cousins Mallory and Stef over the weekend.  It is always nice to get to see my goddaughter and fav cousin.   

Grey and Mals played so nice and are too cute together. They both look just like their daddies - its like watching tiny Justin & Brandon playing together, it cracks me up!

Jordan was quoted as saying, "Oh God, the apocolypse with those three Adams girls together."  But seriously, we are a little much to handle when SCF all gets together.  None of us barely have to finish a sentence because the other two already know exactly what we're talking about, so the conversations usually sound like this:

tab:  did you watch that episode of animal hoarders with the lady
tasha:  who had 97 cats?
kayla: yea and then the one with the guy with the lizards
tab: and he (exaggerated hand motions)
tasha:  no i know!
kayla: did you see that one (exaggerated hand motions)
tasha & tab:  yeaaaaaa

so its a whole conversation of basically no one saying anything completely but we all everyone around us is either bored, annoyed, or amazed out of their minds.  haha, i love my sisters.  And so does booboo!  but he is going to need a whole lot of practice to keep up with us!

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