aw, crap.

Friday, December 3, 2010

It's offical.  We're in trouble.

Greyson started crawling a few weeks ago, as you may have noticed in previous blog posts.  But he was still pretty limited with his movement because he would get a) tired and b) frustrated after just making the crawl from his toy area to his bedroom door.  But now, he's got the stamina to make it from his toy area, to his door, down the hallway, over the tile foyer, under his jumperoo, past the dog dishes, and into the kitchen.  Or let's say, from his jumper in the basement, across the length of the man cave, under the Christmas tree, and put his head through the cat door...either way you look at it - he cannot be left unsupervised for a moment.

And now, he's started to pull himself up to standing. exhibit A:

And to top it all off, he thinks he's actually a dog.  He's already been found with Bullet's rope and bones in his mouth. 

If Bullet has a snack, Grey crawls over to him and opens his mouth for Bullet to give it to him [he doesn't, thank goodness].  But Booboo thinks that just because he gives his food to Bully from the high chair, that Bullet will reciprocate - not happening. 

he wants to be outside like Bullet
For as much as Bullet makes us totally nuts, I must say that I am eternally grateful that he is so calm and kind to our son.  Bully just lays there and takes it while Greyson rips at his ear, squeezes his tail, grabs his toes, or tries to steal his bones.  He may be horrible to deal with as an adult - but that dog is a loving saint when it comes to kids.

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