Fishmas 2016!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

We celebrated a wonderful Fishmas this year...wait, do you not know what Fishmas is?  It's the first day of Trout fishing, of course!  It was the second weekend in April this year and perfect timing as Grey loves to fish and it falls right around his birthday every year.  Fishmas for us is a big deal and something we look forward to every year - holding traditions for each of that are memorable and meaningful.  

Late on Friday night (Fishmas Eve), Greyson and Brandon doled out their hugs and kisses to us as they headed out to sleepover at fishing camp so they could be in the creek for the official start of the season.  While the boys were on their way to Bedford, the girls and I loaded up spent a fun evening at our family friend's house with the women 'left behind' while all our guys were at their respective fishing camps (hah!) Gemma and Violet were thrilled to hang out in the hot tub with Sybil - and we got to eat yummy snacks and chat with our friends long into the night (super long! we didn't get home until almost midnight!) 

The next morning, I was awoken by my annual 'first day of fishing' selfie from B and Greyson and an update that Grey had slept good but was up bright and early and eager to get out on the stream!

For the record, Grey is obsessed with fishing.  I'm talking big time.  B said he was in the creek for almost the entire day and was casting and reeling in all on his own.  He still needed some help with baiting the hook, but besides that - he's a little pro fisherman already.  He caught a bunch of fish and played with his cousin Reid and tuckered himself out so much that I got this picture of him passed out on the porch around 5p on Saturday afternoon! HAH.

As for the girls, we spent the first day of trout hanging out in the sunshine before meeting Gigi at Saturday afternoon mass.  Then it was on to OUR annual Fishmas tradition of pedicures and dinner; just the girls.  Gigi is the only sister among three boys, and then only had Brandon - so her days of waiting for girls was well overdue.  It makes our Fishmas tradition just a little more special knowing that Gigi has been waiting all this time for our daughters and sharing these girly kinds of special treats together! 

By happenstance, we were seated right across the aisle from family, out celebrating a birthday.  The girls were so thrilled to be able to switch back and forth between the booths and get to spend time with cousin Lainey, Uncle Dave & Aunt Cindy, and Cara & Bruce. (and Gigi and were happy to have the extra hands and attention for those two girls, especially Violet who get particularly antsy in restaurants!)

On Sunday afternoon, the girls all headed out to the Bedford fishing camp.  We got lucky with another beautiful day and we even got to sink our toes in the creek for a little while (it was absolutely freezing).  Gemma and Audra were overjoyed to see each other again and didn't leave each other's side the entire time of the visit, even holding hands for most of it (I died like twenty times at the sweetness of it).  Grey and Reid were proud to show off their fishing skills to us, and as always loved spending time together roughhousing and acting goofy.

We pulled out the bikes and scooters and let the kids ride up and down the camp road.  We threw leaves and flowers into the creek to watch them float peacefully away.  Ray grilled up some delicious dinner on the grill and we all enjoyed the meal and company under the brand new roof and deck that the boys had been working on for the past few weeks - finished exactly in time for opening day!

This reminds me so much of one of my childhood favorite movies, Now and Then, that I could cry.

April always holds a bright spot in our yearly calendar.  Not only because it's our first born son's birthday month (!) but also because of Fishmas, which is like a real life holiday for us.  Oh Fishmas, we love you.


  1. Now and Then - - One of the best movies ever!!

    What a fun tradition to celebrate!

    1. Ah! I agree. Everytime I see that picture above, I can't help myself from singing, "Sugar...Aww honey honey" hahhaha! I can't wait to introduce my girls to that movie in a few years!

  2. Total Now & Then moment.

    And also... does everyone stop and tell you how absolutely precious and edible Violet is? Because I really want to steal her. Oh ma goodness-- she's just TOO cute for words!