Around Here Seventeen: 4/22-4/28

Sunday, May 1, 2016

A quick glimpse into what it is like to live in our home right this second.

Intentional Hours Outdoors:  (110 hours of 1000)
It was a great week outdoors and I so much appreciated the warm days of sunshine and I picked up another 21 hours towards my outdoor time goal.  We picked up Grey at the bus stop on afternoon and headed straight out to our favorite summer spot - the Quemahoming Dam one evening to take advantage of the beautiful weather.  The kids played for two and a half hours straight; digging in the sand, playing on the playground, hiking, and building sand mounds.  It was honest to goodness wonderful.

Reading The Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv and Name All the Animals by Allison Smith

BUYING a minivan!  Her name is Sheila and we all love her big time.  After a few weeks of research, Brandon and Pappy headed out early Saturday morning to check out our top favorite three minivan options and at stop number two, they had found our Sheila.  By Greyson's afternoon baseball game, we had her at home!

Tending to some sick little baby girls.  Gemma woke up with a fever on Monday morning and laid around all day on the couch eating popsicles.  By Tuesday evening, the bug had reached Violet and she threw up twice (on herself and me both times) before bed.  She was also sporting a little fever and so the two of us slept on the couch for half the night.  They both bounced back entirely by late Wednesday - so no complaining when the illnesses have such a short shelf life.

Giggling about our Violet girl who is growing so quick and so silly.  She slid into Gemma's bath fully clothed this week, showed off some hilarious dance moves, and was chatting up a storm this week.  She's still all our little baby girl, but she is undoubtedly morphing into a toddler biggie girl and it has been so much fun to watch her grow.

Chatting with high school seniors at our alma mater on Wednesday with a group of Alumni about meaningful experiences we had after graduation.  It was great to also sit in on the AlumTalks myself and be inspired by the experiences of others.  It has been an idea that has been floating around in my head for some time, I even added it to my 100 small things list this year (task #45).  After watching this TED Talk on multipotentialites by Emilie Wapnick, I almost immediately contacted the guidance counselor to start making the plans for the talks.  It went well and we are hoping to expand the event next year!

Spending time with our sweet cousins Bennie and Brookie while their mumma and older sisters headed out to a spring concert one night.  Ben and Violet are only three weeks apart in age and they were hysterical together and so sweet.  They just chased each other around and gave each other a million high fives while giddily shouting "YES!!!" And Brookie,  goodness, that baby is made of total sweetness.  We all just love her!

Baffled at how grown up Grey has seemed in the past few weeks.  He looks older, speaks more grown up, he is being more independent in all things, and even his reading fluency has seemed markedly better in just the last few days.  My boy!  It is both terrifying and exciting to feel like it's a small peek into our future of growing up with our kids with Booboo as our leader into this next phase of parenting!

Making these Earth Day cookies for Greyson's opening day of baseball bake sale.  Then jumping our meal plan to whip up one of our favorite comfort foods:  chicken and stuffing casserole when we all needed a warm little pick-me-up after two days of sick girls and a long evening at the baseball field.

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