Around Here Twenty-One: 05/20-05/26

Friday, May 27, 2016

A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home, just this minute.

Intentional Hours Outdoors total:  169 hours (of 1000)
I went for a long solo walk with both dogs on Sunday and it was blissful, even in the rain! We headed out as a family to the Quemahoming to squeeze in some fishing  (also in the rain).  But the weather really started to perk up this week and it's been sunny and beautiful for most days.  we are LOVING it.  The kids have been so glad to get outside and burn some of that energy (thank goodness!) On Monday night, we loaded all the kids up in the car, stopped by McDonalds for dinner, and went to Daddy's basketball game in Indiana and the kids and I spent most of the game out in the parking lot so that they could roller blade and ride the scooter (Violet pushed her stroller around).  Grey has been a maniac in the garage asking daily about rollerblading and playing hockey, and we pulled out the water balloons one evening for 'batting practice.'  We've had the baby pool set up outside all week and the girls have loved playing cooking, barbies, and babydolls in it everyday.

Reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho - my second favorite book of all time and #62 on my 100 small things list! I also ordered the Inspired Readers book club book for June: Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend by Matthew Dicks and I'm ordering Here's to Us by Elin Hildebrand on audible so that post-baby, I can start walking again with the dogs and listening to a great book while doing it!

Appreciating our sweet Gemmi Ro.  She has been so helpful the past few weeks and really patient and kind to her baby sister - which I have been so grateful for in these final days of pregnancy.  Gem will sit and read with Violet (who is a book fanatic these days) and Gem fetches clothes or diapers for me upstairs as Violet is very into stripping down to nothing and peeing all over the house (and sometimes in her potty) right now.  I swear that girl is going to potty train herself at 20 months! Like my sweet friend, Jenn, always tells me - 'by the third kid, they're basically raising themselves!' hahahha (hi, Jenn!)

Answering Grey and his increasingly baffling questions - like this week he said, "Mum, what's the end of the numbers?  Like when you count all the way to the last number."  Which then I found myself trying to explain infinity and how there is no end, ever and then my own brain was lost in that black hole of science and math and outer space thanks to my six year old.

Enjoying our local festivities here in Johnstown.  The big kids and I attended the Empty Bowls dinner on Friday and then went to check out the kayakers and canoes at the Stonycreek Rendevous at Greenhouse Park.  We have been rallying up for the Path of the Flood Race this weekend too!  Although I'm not running (hahha, obviously), my sis and I have organized a Rally Squad through You in Flood City to encourage non-runners to show up on the sidelines to cheer the participants on (#42 on my 100 small things).  The kids and I made signs on Wednesday night and plan to be stationed in Franklin (Blue Jay Country!) on Saturday morning to cheer and high five runners!  There are over 625 people signed up to run either the 5K, the 12K, or the half marathon.

Counting down the days until our new baby brother arrives.  I got our official 'golden ticket' this week at my appointment for my induction, set for Friday, June 3rd.  After the crazy that followed Gemma's birth, my sweet midwife (and cousin! hi Meg!) has vowed to not let me go over my due date.  So we are within a week as of today of meeting our new brother!  I was 3 cm dilated on Wednesday though, so maybe after all of my cheering on Saturday, this baby will just be ready on his own :) hahha, a fourth time momma can dream!

Cutting and highlighting my hair!  Finally and #33 on my 100 small things!  It's been over a year and I figured if I didn't go now, it'd be at least another few months until I'd be able to make the time for an appointment.  So, as Brandon is now on his quasi-paternity leave, I was able to sneak away to Salvatore's to see my favorite hairstylist (and long time friend) Billie Jo and she seriously worked a miracle.  I wanted it to go short because once it gets long enough, all I do is pull into a ponytail and I don't want to do that.  So she got me all beautifully cut up and highlighted and I'm like a new woman.  THANK YOU Beej!! I came home and Grey immediately started in on a question but was all, "Muuuum, is it time to go noWhoa, you don't even look like my Mum!" and Brandon said, "I really like it, although, give me a minute, it's like a have a new wife here."  Gem was, of course, my best reaction and told me about 46 times that she loves my new hair and that I look beautiful.  (fyi: Violet didn't notice at all, hah).

Celebrating the seniors of our alma mater high school at the sports banquet on Sunday night and again last night at the senior banquet where we awarded our scholarship (for the 8th time!) to Megan Paonessa and Brandon Galasso.  It was a great evening and kind of a date night with my handsome hubs.  I always get all sorts of emotional listening to the scholarship donors and learning about all the amazing things the seniors have planned for after graduation.  It's one of my very favorite 12 Months of Kindness tasks of the year.

Making homemade bread, actually Greyson made it all by himself!  It's this really easy 4 ingredient recipe and even though he hated how it felt when it was all sticky, he hung in there until it was all formed and perfect.  Brandon, Violet, and I finished a whole 9x13 pan of Chicken and Zucchini casserole by ourselves because we have zucchini obsession issues. We also did our big grocery shopping trip for June/post-baby so we are all stocked up on freezer, quick favorites (like waffles and chicken nuggets, and pizza!)

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  1. Grey is SO smart! I love his asking about when numbers end. And I feel you about being grateful for siblings when at the end of pregnancy. The twins helped out SO much when I was nearing Carly's arrival. I am so excited for you, friend. And I LOVE that pic of your sweet baby bump!