Around Here: Nineteen 05/06-05/12

Friday, May 13, 2016

A peek into what it is like to live in our home right this second.

Intentional Hours Outside:  138 hours (of 1000)
Up 16 hours from last week, but it was another gloomy week here in western PA and that combined with my 36+ week baby bump woes, we kept it pretty easy this week in activity.  We were still able to rack up hours at the baseball games and our SFW trip to visit Stackhouse Park last Saturday, but I mostly tried to do a lot of resting and relaxing inside as the rain and gloom persisted outside.  Yesterday we had some bouts of beautiful, hot weather between thunderstorms, so the kids and I were ecstatic to get outside to get in some bubbles, outdoor lunch, and played (twice!) hose trampoline sprinkler.  Violet was hilarious and loved being sprayed by the hose!

Planting lots of flowers around the patios on Friday (in the rain!) We stopped down to our favorite local nursery, Stuver's, and picked up a bunch of flowers to fill in the flower beds around the front and side of the house and for some flower pots.  I have an actual romantic crush on our planters outside our front door that were inspired from this pin.

Celebrating Mother's Day on Saturday and Sunday.  We got to spend time with Pappy and Gigi on Saturday night at our house with dinner and cupcakes.  On Sunday after CCD and church, we had lunch at Abba and Chum's house with Aunt Uch before stopping to visit my grandmother's graves and leaving flowers and prayers.  Then we headed downtown to go for a ride on the Incline Plane and eat ice cream on top of the city.  It was a great day and ended with playing in the backyard at home with the kids and Brandon.  Basically perfect. 

Moving our chrysalis caterpillars to the butterfly habitat and waiting for them to start wiggling and coming out! The kids cannot wait (well, me neither!) 

Trying to get our tractor fixed.  Uncle Dave has been so amazing helping us get to the bottom of our tractor troubles and getting all the parts ordered and put on.  We have not mowed our grass in the year 2016 at all yet.  You should see this hay growing in our yard - HAHAHAHA.  Brandon and Uncle Dave are hopeful that it might be done by this weekend (fingers crossed!) but in the meantime, the kids have loved getting to spend time with Uncle Dave and Aunt Cindy as they make frequent visits to help us! 

Finishing our family yearbook for January-August 2015!  It took a lot of thought, but I finally decided to start running our yearbooks now on the school year schedule September-August.  It seems to fit better with Grey in school now and basketball this past yearbook just had to cover the last little bit of our 'bubble era' when we ran on our own schedule.  I'm really happy with how it turned out (we order from Shutterfly) and after working on it very slowly for the last six months, I can't wait for it to arrive as a finished product! 

Anxiously awaiting this studerbabe#4.  I was miserable on Monday, so miserable with Braxton-Hicks and heartburn and just feeling like he was hanging down to my knees.  I felt so bad, I made the girls come sit in the van with me for half of Grey's baseball game so that I could just sit and breathe!  At my doc appointment on Wednesday, my midwife confirmed that I'm about 1.5 cm dilated - and thank goodness she did because I may have just cried if she didn't have anything to report after Monday.  HAH.  I feel a little bit better to know that at least something is going on in that department and it's like a reminder that the end is nigh and he will actually be out soon.  Cannot wait to see that sweet face.

Hosting an Usborn/Kane Miller online party last night and it got me so excited and stocked up for the summer months.  I've been worrying a little about making sure Grey has readable books (independent reading) for the summer months to stay in practice, and success!  Also, new books for all three other kids too including babe#4.  If you're interested at all in buying books for your home or gifts (baby showers? birthdays?) this order link will be open through Sunday 5/15 until midnight EST:

Making just about nothing.  for reals.  my mealplan sits there and laughs in my face every time dinner time rolls around because I just can't get it together to concede to making, serving, and cleaning up dinner.  HAHAHAH.  We had baked frozen pizza and popcorn at the baseball game one night and another Brandon brought take out home and another night Uncle Dave and Aunt Cindy brought us take out tacos.  I did manage to toss some sweet sausage and peppers in the crockpot one evening, but besides that - this babe#4 is just over everything.

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