April Meal Planning

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Another month is nearly upon us and I am in the mood to pretend that spring and warm weather is really here to stay (...and that there's no snow in April's forecast, bleh.)  So, I boosted April's meal plans with some serious grill time.  Nothing says nice weather like grilled food, amirite?  And the grill also means Daddy dinner because that's' his little kingdom back there with his tongs in hand.  (True story: once I tried to grill burgers and burnt them so much that they could have been mistaken for actual charcoal nuggets.  To this day, I have yet to live down my 'burger brickettes' with Brandon). 

As the size of my baby bump gets bigger, the kids seem to be testing their limits on how long it takes for their whines about dinner until I finally cave and tell them they don't have to eat whatever I made.  (hint: it's not very long because at dinnertime, 8months pregnant mom has very little energy for mealtime complaining).  Luckily, we have had plenty of leftovers so their option is either eat what I made tonight, or eat what I made last night (HAH!)  

And with the insane amounts of Easter candy we have stockpiled since last week, a little dangling of the 'Easter candy is for dessert' prize seems to be enough to encourage them to try a little harder at eating what's on their plates for dinner...I'm not above bribery occasionally;) 

What do you have in your sights for the month of April? 


T: grilled pork loin & grilled cabbage
F (Greyson's 6th birthday & party!):  soccer cupcakes for sure.  And dinner is yet to be determined by the birthday boy!  He's told us he's trying to decide between a build-your-own-sandwich bar, hot dogs, or pizza - hahha!)

M: Meatloaf
R: grilled steaks, baked potatoes, & grilled veggies
F (Fishmas Eve!): frozen pizza & salad

W: Out to dinner for a family birthday :)
F (earth day!):  chicken salad wraps & Gigi's macaroni salad for an outdoor picnic
Earth day afternoon snack:  pretzels trees

M: St. Gregory's Chicken (our church's recipe!)
T:  Asian pork chops & fried rice

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