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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I have been feeling bleh.
like in a big way.
and really the fastest way for me to start feeling un-bleh is to take account of the things that bring brightness and joy to my days . so here goes.

1. sunshiney days
2. Greyson and his current interest in drawing and writing funny little notes and taping them all over the house.  this kid and tape!
3. Gemma, our resident snuggle master - always up for a hug and a giving us a free hula dance lesson and saying things like, 'hello sweet Violet baby, you look fantastic!'
4. Violet, miss independent, who stomps about with these little hilarious feet and her arm swinging to make her go faster and repeating everything we say, most recently "Hi Babe!"
5. studerbaby4 who gives me swift kicks to remind me to sit the hell down for a second
6. brandon, who works so hard and always remembers to give each of his girls a kiss and a hug before leaving and upon coming home
7. longer days
8. our new tiny laptop that is so lightweight and the battery life is out of this world and was super affordable (Lenovo IdeaPad 100s was only $179 at Staples!!) and seriously i love this little thing.  (Violet's coffee dumping on our old laptop was clearly a messy blessing in disguise)
9. random texts from my sweet friend Heather to check in and give each other motivation toward living debt free (we're doing Dave Ramsey at the same time to keep us accountable and excited!)
10. planning and daydreaming about the upcoming trip to Richmond, VA with my two best friends and our six kids!
11. coffee
12. chocolate chips that i sneak from the baking cupboard every afternoon during naptime
13. our budget and knowing where all of our money is going.  surprisingly and incredibly liberating
14. maternity clothes that fit and are comfy and are plentiful (thank you Taush!)
15. my book club (Inspired Readers)
16. charging my fitbit and tracking my steps again (after a four month hiatus)
17. our windchimes
18. grandparents who babysit almost always at the last minute because i forget to ask in advance
19. my sisters and the weirdest most perfectly timed texts and instagram tags that make me laugh when my days feel isolated
20. two children's books that arrived as a surprise thinking-of-you gift from my sweet friend Shelly who somehow thinks of me when she just had her fourth baby (! you are amazing and thoughtful!)
21. my crockpot
22. leftovers that make for easy lunch box packing for daddy
23. clean sheets on our bed
24. law and order SVU
25. evenings that have no practices and no plans except dinner at home and bedtime
26. working on the 2015 family yearbook
27. cold, cold water to drink
28. my goal to get 1000 hours outdoors this year because it is seriously sometimes the exact motivation i need to get outside and get moving.  it's making a difference in my life - for real.
29. birds singing
30. having time and motviation to write

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  1. I love this post. I've recently pulled out my ol' gratitude journal and have been jotting things down as I meander through my days. It helps me see the good that is already here if I just look. I too love clean sheets on my bed and am grateful for our book club as well as coffee and sunshiney days! But the one that really stuck out to me on your list was #25-- evenings with nothing on the calendar. I think with baseball season rapidly approaching (and I signed up ALL THREE BOYS!?! I must be nuts!!!) I am especially aware of the luxury of doing dinner and baths without any rush.

    As for #20, pssh! It ain't no thing! I know how winter can drag on (and on and on) in some places, and you have my complete & total sympathy! Hugs for days, Shelly