Around Here Week Ten: 03/04-03/11

Friday, March 11, 2016

A glimpse at what it looks like to live in our home just this second.

Intentional Hours Outside: 26 hours (of 1000)
Mother Nature shined down this week and offered up some beautiful weather for most days and I was so happy to feel that sunshine on my face, I seriously can't even tell you how much.  The girls and I were generally outside by 9:30a just to get our body moving and some freedom in our life.  When Grey got home most nights he was quick to ask, 'we can play outside today, right?!' and then we spent large parts of the evening on the trampoline or walking around the yard and even made it to one of our favorite parks one night!

Reading to the end a Man Called Ove by Fredrick Bachman with the Inspired Readers Book Club and started our next book Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin (we begin discussing on Monday 3/14, so grab your copy today and join us!) Nearing the end of Dear Mr. You by Mary Louise Parker and just savoring it so so much.  Finished Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover and feeling so energized and excited about our plan moving forward financially.  Liberating!

Moving furniture...basically cardinal rule#1 when you're pregnant of what you're NOT supposed to do, hah.  But I had Brandon doing most of the heavy lifting as the kids spent the day with my parents last Saturday and we had the entire afternoon to move their bedroom furniture around to make for boy and girl bedrooms.  In the boys' room now we have a double bed for Grey (he loves it) and the baby's crib along with a dresser for Grey and the changing table/dresser for baby4.  In the girls room we have the bunk beds (de-bunked) and they are sharing Gem's big dresser.  I still have the closets to switch and organize and the girls are lacking a bookcase as the one that was previously in there straight up died when we tried to move it.  But in small projects, we should be all ready to go by June!  As Brandon declared upon finishing the moving of large items, "Ya see, this house fits six people just fine!"

Tracking my step count!  I finally remembered to charge my fitbit this week (thanks to a reminder from Ashley!) and was motivated to reach 10,000+ steps two days in a row. I need to keep that up because I'm walking in a 5K in two weeks with my friend Stacy! (we will definitely be the slowest participants, but it's about finishing, right?...right?!  hahahha, i can't wait!)

Giggling about Gemma who will not stop telling everyone that she had 'such a fantastic time on a date' with her Daddy.  She went with him to the Duke Andrews (elementary basketball league) banquet this week and was over the moon to be his 'date.'  They had spaghetti and she listened to him say a few words to the basketball players and she thought he was the 'handsomest and nicest' in the whole world.

Breathing in and out slowly to stay calm as I had a very cranky littlest daughter this week.  So very clingy and she wanted held all the time.  She fell asleep in the strangest places as she was really trying to put up a fight about naps, and was such a little soldier of destruction making messes three times her size.

Feeling excited for this little baby brother cooking away in there.  I had a doc appointment this week and that little guy is doing just fine swatting away at me at regular intervals.  The big kids love feeling him kick and Violet doesn't quite get it, but when I ask her what's in my belly she says, "Babeh!" (obviously, there's one in hers too she thinks).  With moving the rooms around and then also getting a huge lot of baby boy handmedown clothes from cousin Tausha (including the ones I gave her from Grey) I am feeling like it's really happening!  hah, I've made it to the third trimester now so it's time to put the green light on for nesting!

Getting over just a crap day on Wednesday.  It wasn't anything major, just a whole bunch of little things all happening at once on top of being hormonal and pregnant.  Thank you all so much for your cyber high fives and support.  We all have days that are just like that, just crap, and it's somehow easier to carry to know you are one of many people who are also having their own version of hard days.

Proud of these funny little kids who keep learning in leaps and bounds.  Being a stay at home mum, I feel like the learning happens so incrementally that it's hard for me to notice because I'm with them all.the.time and it's not until they surprise me with something brand new-never done before that I am startled again by how quick the grow up.  waaaah.  Grey learned the sight word 'said' this week and somehow that feels like it opens a whole can of beans in terms of reading.  Said is like a legit word (he already had like 40+ other words under his belt: can, up, down, he, we, little..) but SAID - that's like an actual book word and has me giddily excited (please excuse the former ESL teacher in me for being a weirdo).  Gemma can do the monkey bars all the way across all by herself! and Violet keeps asking us 'why?' in her tiny high pitched little sweet voice.  I don't think she actually knows what it means, but she does know that when she says it, we keep talking to her.  She also told me this week that 'Bullet' was in her belly and I said, 'what? Bullet?!" and she said, "and Tricky."  and then I laughed for about five minutes straight. how is our 17 month old making up legit jokes already?

Watching Zootopia! The kids and I headed out to the movie theater last night to see it and it was Violet's FIRST movie at the theater.  The movie was awesome from my perspective, Grey and Gem were a little afraid (there's a mystery about why some of the predator animals start going wild and biting/scratching/showing their teeth).  Violet did okay for her first try, but it will be a quite awhile until I take her again (hah).

Making these yummy and quick no-bake energy balls for afternoon snack and these cake-mix cookies because oops I forgot we were out of flour.  We also had 'please make me meatballs', a family favorite over mashed potatoes and one of my favorite casseroles: chicken and zucchini because zucchini is my love language.

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