Around Here Twelve: 03/18-03/25

Friday, March 25, 2016

A glimpse of what it looks like to live in our house right this minute.


Intentional Hours Outside:  42 hours (of 1000)
With a slow start to the official first day of spring (it was snowing here!), we have warmed up this week in weather, even reaching into 70 degrees yesterday where we spent the longest amount of time outside yet this year (5 and a half hours!)  I'm upping my outdoor game too by trying to get both dogs on a walk at least three times a week and the kids are loving the freedom of outdoor exploration (especially Violet) and the snacking and picnicking outside too.  I'm working on an official outdoor post soon, but I can feel how this goal is effecting me in all the ways and I'm really appreciating this challenge this year.  Hoping to break 70+ hours before the end of next week(!)
Bonus: no new ticks this week!  so our total still stands at 3

Reading Better Than Before with our book club and The More of Less by Joshua Becker.

Painting nails with the girls this week.  We've been on a little nailpolish kick and Violet is so funny about it, being so proud and showing them off to everyone.  She'll mosey over to me, hold out a bottle and plop down in my lap.  Her favorite part is when Gemma and I blow on her nails afterwards which makes her laugh.  Gemmi loves to be the painter and is happy to paint my nails on the daily and with her little kid nail polish, that's actually necessary as it comes right off in the shower.  These moments are what my girlmom dreams were made of when I was young and daydreaming about my future life with Brandon.  Sometimes the realization of those doodles coming true is enough to knock the wind out of me.  How I wish sometimes I could chat with 17 year old me.

Kissing bumps and bruises this week! With spring brings a major increase in booboos over here.  Violet went too fast over the concrete step with her kid push mower and hit the cement nose first leaving her with a brushed burned nose and bruised forehead for half the week.  Gemma fell approximately 600 times and has the cut, black and blue, and scraped knees to prove it.  And while Greyson was looking in the outdoor toybox yesterday, the wind blew the lid down hard on his forehead and it immediately swelled up and turned into a bright pink quarter-sized circle at the bridge of his nose.  Easter photos, here come the Studers!

Celebrating that I passed my one hour glucose test!  Violet's was the only one that I failed (and then passed the three hour) but after having to do the three hour last time, I was really hoping to not have to do that again.  Who has three hours to blow?  Definitely not me, so I was really relieved that all went well, labs done, Rhogam shot done, and Studerbaby4 is ninja kicking and growing in there great.  Our entrance into the last trimester has been a steady one and I need to keep looking at the calendar to remind myself that preparations for this little man should probably get started anytime now.  HAH.  I'm finding myself saying things like, 'well after Easter,' or 'Grey's birthday party in two weeks and THEN we'll get moving,' Who knows, I might wait until that natural nesting instinct kicks in and try to do everything at once!

Enjoying some extra time with Greyson this week as his Easter break is five days long!  Although, as is custom in our family it seems when a holiday rolls around, the kids get hit with a sickness.  It appears the croup has settled in for all three of them.  It's mostly just annoying (and sounds terrible) but they are all still in good spirits and playing like normal.  So cough drops and warm tea and some nighttime medicine it is to get us through the busy weekend!

Dropping the truck off at the shop to finally get the power steering pump replaced.  Although that means we are down to a one car family for the next few days...which my pregnancy brain completely forgot when yesterday I was texting our cousin for a playdate at the playground, and it wasn't until I had the diaper bag packed, the kids all dressed and we were heading out to get in carseats (!!) before I realized, 'oh wait, we don't have the truck.' goodness, i miss my brain.

Making Easter colored sugar cookie sandwiches inspired by these cookies (but I cheated and used pre-made sugar cookie mix from a bag).  We had sort of a homerun week in meals with Slow cooker cream cheese taquitos,  an Alfredo kielbasa bake that Brandon and I loved it and the whole family enjoyed Slow cooker BBQ pork chops and roasted potatoes last night for dinner.

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