Around Here Thirteen: 03/26-03/31

Friday, April 1, 2016

A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home right this minute.

Intentional Hours Outside:  53 hours (of 1000)
I had big hopes for this week (I hoped to get in 30+ hours this week alone!) but then the weather actually was kind of cold - whhhhy so windy?! - and also this baby in my belly and this toddler baby in the world who suddenly wants all the time to be held is wrecking havoc on my lower back and I've been fairly slow moving in chores and cranky.  excuses for days over here, friends.   I am finding creative ways to up our outdoor time - like lunch outside that turns into playtime.  And taking the kids to the playground late one evening while the chili simmered and Daddy brought his laptop to finish his work while getting to watch and laugh at our wild things run amok.  I'm hopeful that the first 100 hours will be the hardest to reach.

Reading Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin with the book club and The More of Less by Joshua Becker.  Also taking small bites of my Buddhism for Mothers book and some passages really hit home this week.  Reading that book is really like my daily dose of mediation in the form of reading and reflecting on the passages.

Finishing a 5K on Saturday - whoot whoot!  I may have been the very last person over the finish line (I'm not exaggerating) but at 29 and a half weeks I walked my way through that 5K while the ambulance stalked closely behind (hah).  I was so glad to get in some quality time with my friend Stacy and our girls (Grey had a soccer game) and the Daddies all spent the morning walking, talking, strolling, and enjoying the sunshine (even though it was pretty chilly).

Enjoying family time for Easter and soaking in the beautiful weather.  It was a busy day running around between church and family's houses but I won't ever complain about having places to go where people love you and give you delicious food and hugs.  We had a great day and the kids loved getting in some serious playtime with their cousins.

Ordering some things I've been dragging my feet about.  I finally ordered two new phone chargers since Brandon and I have been swapping back and forth the one charger we have that is all frayed anyway.  I also ordered a bunch of prints from Shutterfly to update all of the kids' baby books (even Studerbaby4's book with pictures of his sprinkle and my baby bump this far!).  It felt good to knock a few things off of that mental to do list.

Visiting Greyson's school Thursday night for their annual PTO reading night event.  Grey was so proud to show us all around and to introduce us to his friends from his class and bus.  The kids got to see a real tortoise and even touch a little caiman! They made crafts and played games and we all had a great time.

Making coconut chicken strips (I baked them instead of frying because I hate cleaning up the mess of it), and they turned out great and we had no kid complaints (shocking!)  Brandon went to work on making this crockpot beef and broccoli and it was honestly divine.  And the girls and I made these addictive little pretzel/kiss/m&m bites for a road trip weekend! but for the most part, Easter candy has our baking on hold for the time being.

Feeling very very very excited about this weekend and our annual AKT plus kids road trip!  My two best friends and all our kids (6 of them altogether so far!) will be spending a fun, wild, LOUD, and silly weekend in Richmond, VA and I cannot wait.  Goodness, I love those ladies and I love those babies.  You can follow our momma & kid playdate adventures on instagram through #aktpluskids (because we're those people).

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  1. The pictures of Violet kill me!!! Her painted finger nails, her pony tails, and sharing her sucker with the dog?!? I die! Cuteness overload! and the one of your whole family is totes adorbs, as they say! ;)