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Thursday, August 29, 2013

I have a bunch of draft posts to write and lots of pictures and updates that I need to share with you, but I really just don't feel like it.  HAH.  but I'm here, and I'm going to just babble because that's the what you need to do right?  Just make yourself write something, anything.  Even if its total crap.  (feel free to stop reading now if you like, I have no idea where this post is going).

things have been so nice recently (I want to actually say they have been wonderful, unfairly amazing, but then I have a sudden pang of nervousness that I'm just coaxing the other shoe to drop and I hate that feeling).  My birthday just passed on Monday.  One of the big ones:  30.  And it was overly celebrated and I feel so loved and special that I think now I have a weird feeling like maybe I don't deserve to celebrate another birthday every again.  like ever.  My sisters, parents, in-laws, friends, family, and husband have gone above and beyond what is normally appropriate for a person's birthday.  It was so beautiful and perfect.  Seriously, I still can't even talk about it without getting choked up.  More on that later when I'm not feeling so emotionally unstable.

Last week (before my birthday) I was staring at this picture hanging in our living room and smiled when I thought, if this is the only thing I have to show for the first 30 years of my life...I've won.

I am really in stride with my sahmhood.  Absolutely loving it and feeling like I am getting things done!  Each day I want to get a little better at knocking things off my list.  My next big step is really trying to organize the kids' day.  I have been feeling like Grey is getting too much screen time, so we've been heading down to the garage to ride bikes and burn energy.

I am a little jealous of moms who have kids who like to draw and build legos and blocks; kids who like to create.  Alas, I do not have create kids - I have moving kids.  So we've been going for more walks and spending more time at playgrounds and parks and it's been wonderful to see the kids figure things out and learn through moving their body as it seems to be both of their primary learning mode.


it's been weighing on my mind that I should want to celebrate that about them - that they are active kids and kinesthetic learners (even if its exhausting) and support them in the best way that they learn as much as possible.  By the way, if you have 20 minutes, you should watch this TED video:

I've also been running, which is hysterical because I've hated running my entire life.  But Ashley over at The Big White Farmhouse got me motivated on instagram and now I'm all excited about it (thank you, Ashley!).

I don't run fast (at all) but I like tracking how many miles I can get in a week.  Somehow the check in the box that I did a run (no matter how short or how slow) makes me feel accomplished to see the miles stack up for a whole week's total.

I got two huge, beautiful bouquets of flowers for my birthday and I've separated them into small bouquets instead to put all over the house.  So instead of two big ones, now I have 9 little ones all through the kitchen and living room.  I love my kitchen windowsill right now with four small flower arrangements.  It feels so romantic and it almost makes it hard to see the dirty dishes in the sink.  hah

With the knowledge that fall is right around the corner, I can feel the excitement in my bone marrow.  I love nearly everything about fall and all of our really fun plans always seem to be in the fall.  We start our indoor Friday-night volleyball league next week, we have 3 upcoming weddings, my sister's wedding shower, our annual kid & grandma NYC trip, hunting season, our annual kid halloween party, football games, the start of Brandon's first basketball season as a coach, our top-secret special project we're working on ("BB"), our 5th wedding anniversary, SU Homecoming, Valley homecoming, and obviously the colors, the crunching leaves, the hoodies...just all of it.  gah.

and finally, there's these two.  who are getting funnier by the hour.

If you stayed around for all that babbling nonsense, thanks for sticking it out.  Sometimes you just need to force yourself to get it done, ya know.  Hope you have a super great day!

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  1. Love this. I totally feel you on the whole stream-of-consciousness, clearing out the cobweb blog post. Sometimes it's necessary!!!