the waiting game

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First, I fully recognize that we haven't even made it to my due date yet, howeverrrrrrr, at this point in my first pregnancy - Grey had already arrived and we were home by now enjoying his sleepy, cuddly, sweet, little butt.  So,  despite the fact that many a momma carry their babies longer than their due date - I would not like to join their ranks.  I am currently at 38 weeks 6 days.  ugh.

Thus, my family has been enduring me for the past week or so as the horribly mood-swinging, easily irratated, overly sensitive, extremely uncomfortable 9 month pregnant woman that I have now become.  Brandon has heard more than once these past few days, "honey, I don't want to be like this, but I kind of just hate you right now.  so please stop talking."  My father in law got a call yesterday in which I said, "hi, can you take Grey for a while.  Like even for an hour?  I just don't have the energy...for all that...right now."  And I literally just got off the phone with my parents after asking, if they would assist me in taking Grey and the dogs for a walk in the woods today, because "Maybe I can walk this baby out."

I've also spent a considerably concerning amount of time on google searching insane things that is fairly embarassing to report.  But at this size, I'm really in no state of mind to care whether or not I look like a fool.  Here's some examples of my google searches for a taste of how our last few weeks have gone.  (these are literally sitting on my google search history...'big brother' must be reading these and laughing his a$s off somewhere):

are headaches and exhaustion signs of early labor?  -  could my dog contract rabies if he plays with a dead rabbit  -  what is Pete from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse  -  is there a more annoying sound than kids whining?  -  alternative remedies for a child's fever  -  my 16 week dog is pooping in the crate in the middle of the night  -  my puppy does not attempt to let us know she needs to go out  -  alternative remedies to narcolepsy -  notary near 159##  -  is there a more annoying character than ming ming on wonder pets?  -  38 weeks pregnant and i hate everyone  -  what is with all the ryan gosling quote pins

Besides tolerating me, our little family has been attempting to stay busy until our baby girl decides to finally grace us with her presence.

We've been trying to get in some extra sleep:

Feeding our snacks to the dogs:

Getting energy out while playing outside (with the help of my parents and sister):

Getting energy out while playing inside:

Going to gymnastics (with the help of Gigi):

Watching local high school basketball games - so that Greyson can scream on the top of his lungs, "SLAAAAMMMM DUNNNNNK" in a setting more appropriate than any/every other place we go during the day

Cleaning up Trixie's from the FLOOR.HEATING.VENT...which she incomprehensibly pooped on during the superbowl.  Which then dripped down about 2 feet inside of our insulted vent.  that is heated.

Finishing up our January Kindness  (more on that later this week)

Continuing our January date...even though January is over and we haven't even watched enough episodes to finish season1 yet!!  January date = multiple month'er

And to top it all off, we've enrolled Grey into 2 more activities each week to try to beat the winter/waiting for baby blues .  First, Greyson has started his college classes (hahhaha, but seriously they are at our local community college) and we go to Storytime on Fridays where we listen to books, sing songs, and make crafts.

Secondly, he and I have been taking swimming classes at the Y on Tuesday nights.  There are no pictures of this because let's be honest, even I am not self-deprecating enough to post a picture of myself in a bathing suit at 9 months pregnant.  All you need to know about Tuesday nights are this:
1. Greyson l.o.v.e.s. the water
2. swimming class makes him very tired (yay)
3. For a half hour out of the week, I feel weightless
4. after class last week, one of the dads asked me, "wow, so when is that thing coming?"

Which leads me to my final point for this post about waiting for our baby to arrive.
From recent experience, here are some things that should not be said to any woman who even looks like she's due soon:

"wow, so when is that thing coming?"
"Oh you've got time; your belly hasn't even dropped yet"
"labor shouldn't take too long, right?  I mean the highways already paved this time"*
"geez, this pregnancy has been hard on your clothes"*

*those last 2 gems were said by someone who lives in my house.  i'll give you a hint - I'm married to him.

For a much needed laugh - anyone have any more phrases/tidbits of wisdom that should not be spoken within earshot of a nearly due momma?


  1. Some of my fav pregnancy comments are...
    1. Are you sure you are not having twins?
    2. Wow, you are not going to make it to your due date!
    3. How far along are you?
    4. Are you for sure for sure you aren't having twins?
    5. Wow, this baby has really wreaked havoc on your veins in your legs-(yes, my husband)

    1. hahhhhahha, omigod. dying. i have also got the "sure there aren't two in there?" hahhhahhaha. and gotta love husbands for some of the stuff they let fly out of their mouths. seriously just made my day - i'm cracking up

  2. LOL - Wishing your baby to arrive asap for your sake! Those last comments were amazing. There's nothing like 9 months of pregnancy to bring out the best in all of us ;-) I'm about to enter 3rd trimester with my second baby, so I can empathize!

    1. best wishes to you as you come to the final stretch. may all those around you only speak kindly:) hehhe.

  3. Two 20-something year old women were walking behind me when I was pregnant, and one said, "yeah...she's huge." Yes, I know, thanks for pointing it out.

  4. 1) You're hilarious!
    2) I'm completely jealous of the view you have from your yard. GORGEOUS!
    3) I love chubby baby feet (2nd pic from the top)!
    4) Holy crap Booboo is good at basketball!
    5) Holy crap he's good with a hockey stick too! Check out that follow through!
    6) And looks like he's pretty good at gymnastics as well. If baby Gemma is even half as athletic as Greyson, she might just exit through your belly button.
    7) I can't believe Brandon said those things! But they did make for a funny story.
    8) I hope baby girl comes soon!

  5. I actually was pregnant with twins, and my husband started saying I was as big as a house. At the end of the pregnancy, he started calling me a duplex.

  6. I also got "twins, right?" on more than one occasion, and being in the south, a whole lot of "well bless your heart" from complete strangers. Hopefully you don't go 40 weeks and 3 days like me tabbers! Torture!

  7. About 5 or 6 months pregnant with our first child, I was whining about looking "fat" one day. My husband says, "Your not getting fat honey...just a little pudgy". He has such a way with words. lol

    In his favor though, he was wonderful at helping me put on my socks and shoes on the days when I just didn't think I could conquer the task. :-)

  8. Ooh....duplex?? So not nice!! My lovely husband asked if the photographer had a wide angle lense for my photos at 38 were not so pretty after that.
    My favorite quote I love to hate 'she'll be here when she gets here, and not a minute sooner.' Grr.....thanks for totally filling the silence with sound with that comment!!
    Hope baby girl gets her exit on soon!

  9. I had a shirt made that said "I know, I'm really big" just to keep people quiet.
    What's almost worse is after you have the baby, the one person who is going to say "I thought you had that baby."
    Great blog.

    1. omigosh. no. someone did not say that after you had the baby. oh, motherhood.

  10. My "favorite" comment was when I was about 7 months along with my first baby a coworker said that I looked like a baby blimp. Then just I few months after I delivered the same coworker informed me that I used to be so thin and cute before I had the baby. I then just had to inform him that I could lose weight but you can't change stupid (no sleep makes me really cranky).