My Memories Suite: a giveaway! - Update!

Friday, February 17, 2012

I have some very exciting news (no, our baby girl has not arrived yet), but it's up there- considering that it has seriously curbed my mindless googling of things like "oh em gee, when will this baby come?" and "but seriously, how long is it possible to be pregnant?"  Instead, I've been busy working towards one of my 2012 goals:  creating a family yearbook!

So a little background, I used to be a scrapbook kind of a gal and somewhere between the multiple moves, dirty diapers, slobbery dog bones, and maternity clothes - I kind of lost a place for all my scrapbook papers, stamps, and pens.  Besides tossing pictures into Grey's baby book & scribbling down funny things he's said - this blog and my facebook albums have had the serious pressure of maintaining my family's memories (eek!)  Needless to say, it's been wearing on my mind that I haven't been doing as well as I would like about keeping a physical collection of the 40 million pictures I take a week; thus the family yearbook goal was created.

And then by the grace of the universe, My Memories knocked on my door (aka emailed me) and offered a chance to test and review their My Memories Suites v.3 AND...wait for it...offer one in a giveaway to my readers!!

So, after playing around (and seriously reminiscing about my days on the yearbook staff in high school - hi, Mrs. McBreen!) I became a little bit obsessed and I'm already mostly done with our January pictures and events (currently finishing up Gemma's sprinkle!).  Want proof?  Booyah, Trixie's Arrival; a double-page spread:

What I have really come to love about My Memories Suite v.3 is that its downloaded on my computer - so I don't have to be online waiting for the any site to refresh or wait 45 minutes for my pictures to upload.  I just pull pictures from one folder and drop them onto the template.

I'm even trying to stretch my blogging wings and make things like a blog button and headers (which all the cool bloggers already have and I'm just playing catch up over here).  And although I'm really weird and nervous about it, this digital scrapbook software has made it easy for me with all of their options - and even more digital kits on their website for purchase.  So as seen on my updated facebook page (and soon available for 'grabbing,') I present, the Team Studer blog button:

So back to the good stuff...this is my first giveaway and one that I feel really excited about to share with you!  Not only do I get to work towards one of my 2012 goals, but throw in a little "kindness" too and give one away.  How's that for starting off the new year?  I hope you all are as excited about it as me:)

To enter for a chance to win the My Memories Suite v.3 ($39.97 value), please comment below about why you'd like to win the My Memories Suite v.3.  For more proof on why this giveaway is awesome, please visit: to check out the digital packages available for purchase or to learn more about the Memory Suites v.3.  On Friday, February 17- I'll randomly select a winner and I'll announce that afternoon.  (If I am incapacitated due to childbirth - my sister will post for me...hi, Tasha!)

But wait, there's more (hhah!),

I have good news for everyone (even if you aren't the giveaway winner!):  My Memories is giving away free money...well, practically.  Use this code:


And you receive a $10 discount off the purchase of the My Memories Suite Scrapbook software AND a $10 coupon for the My Memories store...Let me do the math for you - that's a free $20...please & thank you.

So comment below for a chance to win!!

Quick shout-out to the My Memories blog where they have creative ideas, memory-making challenges, and giveaways galore.  It's like a gold mine of scrapbook inspiration over there...just sayin'

With the help of, the My Memories Suite v.3 winner was selected:


You have won the My Memories Suite v.3!  Please email me at to claim your prize.  

Thank you to everyone that commented to enter the giveaway, hopefully it will not be my last!  Don't forget, you can still use my code (above and listed in my side reel) for free $ off of your next My Memories purchase.  


  1. :). This is funny, since this has been one of my obsessions as well, while I am waiting for our little girl to arrive in about 9 weeks. Our son is about the same age as yours, so btwn work, being pregnant, trying to rearrange the house, etc ( you know all of this....) I panicked the other day for the same reason - I am going to forget all the great things I haven't documented! And surely, that is more important than getting the nursery ready, right?! :) I LOVE reading your blog and hope that you get to meet your little girl soon!

  2. I would love to win. I did not do more than the first page of my older (3 years) son's baby book. I was ill for some time following his birth. Since then I have had another son (5 months). I would like to record memories of our family, with pictures, so we can look back on our fun adventures and times as a family. My older son loves looking at pictures..l he would help me do this (i am not a crafty scrapbooker type'). My Memories would help me tremendously! I can't wait to get started on this journey of scrap booking digitally!!

  3. Are you kidding me? This software is AWESOME! If I win I would no longer have an excuse for my pathetic attempts to keep up on scrapbooking our lives. Two boys, two working parents and a recent move to another state have put a huge hold on my scrapbooking efforts. Actually who am I kidding, once my oldest started to walk, my scrapbooking has been in a permanent hold pattern. (BTW, he is 6 years old now). Thank you for this opportunity to win.

  4. This would be SWEET!!! I have four kids 9, 6, 4, and 1 and only scrap booked half of my first childs first year! This would help me to get caught up! Good luck with your delivery!

  5. I am that girl who prints photos with the idea of making a scrapbook and then stashes them all over the house when that never happens. I have a 2 year old little boy and a 3 month old daughter. I want to record our family memories so when these little people aren't so little anymore I'll be able to remember the little things as well as the big ones

  6. This is so cool. I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago. Am so enjoying your writing. My baby boy is 17 months and I have become haphazard in tackling his baby book: the book barely closes anymore because I just stuff things into it to deal with later. sigh. The scrap booking software sounds like a miracle ...and fun to boot! Now. Have that baby! :)
    All the Best,

  7. I would love to win! my first baby (a boy!) is due in June and my husband's family lives in Vermont (we live in Virginia) and I think this would help us document and keep in touch!

  8. This sounds awesome. I tell myself that my blog is my scrapbook, but let's be honest, the blog has a lot more crap on it than I'd like to save for posterity in a scrapbook, and who knows if the internet will even exist when my little guy grows up. I like the sound of dragging and dropping files without upload time!

  9. Uhmmm...let's see. I need this because I never made a baby book for Caleb and now I have another baby on the way. I have folders and folders of digital images that need to be cataloged.

  10. I would love this because I haven't printed out pictures since my youngest who is now 6 was younger then 1! This would be perfect and looks really easy to use! Thanks and I hope your newest little one comes into the world soon :)

  11. I would love love love this! My husband and I just had our first baby and we are already finding it hard to keep all of our new family pictures organized! And bonus, I have already been looking to start making our family yearbook but was apparently waiting just for this moment! =)

  12. I would love to win this! It would be a great way to finally make a scrapbook not only for both of our kids (who both have half done baby books) but also for our wedding, which I have wanted to start since the day after we got married but life keeps happening. Thank you for an aweasome giveaway!

  13. I would LOVE to win this. I love scrapbooking but like you said in your post, its not see easy with a little one running around. I have told myself ever since i became preggo that i would create a scrap book for my son to look back on and never had the time to get around to it. With two working parents by the time we get home get dinner done, bath time and then its bed time for all three of us. Not to mention, to purchase all of the supplies is spending money that we really dont have right now. I never win ANYTHING and it would be great to finally be able to start my sons scrapbook that is right infront of my fingertips. I really hope i win this! After the week we have been having this will be the best thing by far. Thank you for this giveaway!

  14. I like you was a scrapbook junkie, now a too busy mom to find time to do it all. This looks right up my alley!

  15. I have 3 boys under the age of 7 and 5000 pictures.. this would be a great jump start to doing something fun with my pics!! CONGRATULATIONS on the up coming arrival of your baby girl!!! :-)

  16. This would be great to win! My son just turned a year and I have yet to scrapbook anything related to him. This maybe just the thing to get me back into it! Love that there's no mess to clean up!

  17. Hi Tab! This program looks amazing. Even if I don't win, I may have to purchase it anyway since I have been seriously slacking on scrapbooks for the kiddos. <3