Going to get our girl

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Well, we've waited long enough and now we're going to get our girl.  The doc scheduled us for an induction on Monday at 8a.  I am strangely calm and relaxed on the eve of some serious Momma-superpower-strength-extravaganza.  It feels like we've been waiting and anticipating our new girl's arrival for so long now that it seems a little surreal that now we know what day she'll actually be here.  

Since we've been aimlessly wandering around waiting for her these last few weeks, we've tried various ways to get ourselves busy besides my last post about finding things to do while we wait for Gemma's arrival.  I had Greyson do a little artwork to hang up in Gemma's nursery. We had a big frame that needed a print and instead of making another frivolous purchase from Etsy - I let Grey use his creativity with some paint and a fairly big piece of sketch paper to make a masterpiece for his new baby sister.

...he was pretty pleased with himself...

The artwork looks beautiful in the nursery and each time we go in to rearrange things or practice reading some of Gemma's books - Greyson points up at the picture and says, "Booboo did that."  

I've also carted Greyson, the two dogs, and my dad into the woods near my parents house for a mile and a half walk in attempts to walk the baby out of me (to no avail).  But despite not pushing me into natural labor, Greyson and both dogs got a whole lot of energy out from all the hiking and swimming (just the dogs swimming, not Booboo - hah).  So the hike was worth it for a house full of snoozing 'kids' for an evening. 

pregnant shadow - HAH

And thanks to this pin, we had some indoor playtime with snow this week while I was just too tired for all the wild Booboo movement of the day.  Indoor snowtime was a big hit that required very little movement for a solid half hour.  Luckily, I had Bullet and Trixie nearby happily lapping up any snow that was tossed on the floor.  As always, pinterest saves the day. 

We're still regularly attending Greyson's activities for the week - including swimming, 'college,' and gymnastics.  But Dadda has become full-on Gym Dad....

...while I stand on the sidelines and watch while carrying this 40 week belly around...

When we found out about our induction on Friday, we decided to make one last ditch effort of trying to coax Gemmi out before we force her out of my belly with another long walk in the woods to retrieve Brandon's tree stands from hunting season.  This time both Brandon and my Mum were there while Grey and the dogs ran like wild animals.  It was another good hike (at 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant - can I get me some kind of a Girl Scout badge up in here for that?!), but although tired all of our 'kids' out - it was, alas, unsuccessful at getting our girl loose.  

So here we are now, on the eve of our second child's original birthday not really knowing how to balance all our feelings of nervousness, excitement, anxiousness, and worry.  It will be a hard day tomorrow, but then it will be over and f.i.n.a.l.l.y. we'll get to see that sweet face.  

we just can't wait another day to meet you, honey.  
we love you so.  
see you soon.
love forever and ever, 
mum, dad, and booboo too.  


  1. Good luck! No matter how they get here, it is wonderful! I was induced with my first and I found out the night before. Eat a big breakfast before you go!

  2. Oh, and I am totally stealing that idea of having my oldest paint a picture for the new baby's room - I am due in July!

  3. Look at that beautiful belly! I wish you much luck tomorrow!

  4. Prayers that all goes well. You'll soon be holding your new little angel in your arms.

    I love your idea of having your son's artwork play an important role in the nursery.

  5. Ummm Since when is Greyson a prodigal child-artist??

  6. Your belly = gorgeous! Love the photos of the great outdoors!