We need some help!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Its January and that means its time to put together our 12 months of kindess list for 2011.  We sat down together and talked about what we should do for this year.  That's a lie, I said, "B, what do you think we should do for 12 months of kindness this year?"  And he said, "I liked this year."  End.  Typical husband.  After some reminding of how hard one-car family was and how we cheated almost the whole month of localtarian, we finally started talking about some new ideas. 

After much delibiration, we high fived over 11 new kindness tasks!  Which means we're missing a month and that's where YOU come in!  We need some inspiring ideas of kindness for the month of August 2011.  Keep these things in mind:  the weather is nice in August (something outdoor-sy?), we have a wedding and a few days in Baltimore already scheduled (so can't be dedicated everyday in the month), it's my birthday month:)

In case you're worried about doubling up on kindness (we don't mind doubling up, but if you want to be creative):  we already have kindness in the months pertaining to:
Food kitchens
Volunteer firefighters
Animal shelters
High School seniors
gardening/Mother Earth
Make-a-Wish foundation
Donors Choose/Teachers
Retirement home/Adopt a family

We'd prefer ideas that are not overly expensive, but a little finanical responsiblity is to be expected.  A one-time kindness, one that takes a little planning & participants, or takes the whole month are all accepted!!  We'll choose which one we like best/fit our family best/make us smile/gets the biggest bang for the buck/whatever we're feeling/etc.

Please send suggestions to:
my email  OR
a facebook message OR
comment on this post OR
carrier pigeon

Thanks for your help!!

If 12 months of kindness sounds like something you wish you could do to - don't just wish - DO IT!  It does not have to be highly involved or spend lots of your money.  Just choose a little something to do each month and then hold yourself (&your family) to finishing it up.  Here's two examples of how you can make it work for YOU.

12 months of Kindness:  totally, beautifully, wonderfully, FREE
January:  Commit to taking your own bag while shopping; Refuse plastic bags.
February:  Donate Blood
March:  hold a March Madness tournament for family & friends.  Cost of entering:  canned good, winner gets:  satisfaction of being awesome?  Donate the goods to a food bank
April:  Unplug appliances that aren't being used (toaster, tv, cellphone charger)
May:  Introduce yourself to your neighbors
June:  turn off the tv
July:  send snail mail to a friend or family member you haven't talked to in awhile (okay, this one costs 48 cents)
August:  Resist road rage.  hello, friendliest driver ever...for the whole month (this one will take some determination!)
September:  clean out your closet & donate the clothes  (yea, the jeans you haven't fit in since HS, they go)
October:  trick-or-treat for UNICEF
November:  write honest thank you notes to your parents & siblings
December:  volunteer as a Salvation Army santa (um, awesome)

12 Months of Kindness:  Kid-friendly
January:  start a family talent show night
February:  bake cookies for the local retirement home
March:  write & illustrate a book with someone older than you (your aunt/uncle, your grandparent, neighbor)
April:  learn to say please & thank you in other languages
May:  grow a garden/plant together
June:  start taking an evening family walk
July:  visit a local historic hotspot and learn more about your community
August:  donate some of your old toys to a preschool/day care
September:  make home-made gifts for grandparent's day
October: trick-or-treat for UNICEF
November:  write thank you notes to the local fire department
December:  send holiday cards to a children's hospital

mix it up - do a whole year dedicated to just one cause that you care about most or be a scatterbrain like us and bounce all over the place.  Whatever you decide to do - know that you are changing the world one small act of kindness at time.


  1. Hi Tab! I love that you are doing this, what a great idea and a way to instill so many great values and lessons in Greyson.

    Keep those posts coming, I can't get enough of your adorable family!

  2. what if you donated grey's toys he's outgrown/ isn't really into to the local children's hospital or battered women's shelter?