booboo goes to daycare

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

While I love being home with booboo all day (I work from home), it is just becoming less and less managable now that he is so active.  So after a lot of homework, we finally decided to take booboo to KinderCare Learning Center two days a week.

Inspired by the absolutely hilarious mompetition blog, I created my own xtranormal video recounting my conversation with Grey's daycare teacher while picking him up from his first day.  enjoy it because its 100% factual and 100% ridiculously typical. (just click in the center and it will play)

Although he had a little of a "sensitive" first day, he was much better on Wednesday.  He still fussed a little because he wants the teachers' undivided attention the entire time (yea, that's my fault), but my conversation with his teachers were much more normal.  Yay for booboo making human friends instead of just Bullet.  Even bigger yay!! for his mumma who is outrageously productive now:)


  1. Glad to see YOU made it through the day okay!! He will learn to play and learn that in real life he isn't the little prince :-) (totally said tongue-in-cheek).

  2. I can't stop watching this video. SERIOUSLY hilarious annnd typical. hahah, i love it! good idea. i'm trying NOT to post it to my facebook, but it's hard.

  3. HAHAHAH I love everything about this.