the thing about blueberries

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1. they are my son's absolute favorite food

2. he would eat 2lbs of blueberries a day if I let him

3. he can't shove them in his mouth fast enough

4. breakfast, lunch, and dinner he wants blueberries

5. they give him purple beards that remind me of the steelers' Brett Keisel

6. the blueberries get under his nails and make it look like i have my kid working in a coal mine

7.  they are full of antioxidants and will probably give my son superhero powers

8. ..or he'll turn into a giant blueberry like Violet in willie wonka.


  1. Does he poop blue turds?? I love the pictures of him :-) I think he looks like his Daddy!

  2. Ha! Caleb is OBSESSED with blueberries too. Definitely could be worse things for him to be obsessed with!