dancin' man

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

our little booboo loves dancing.  it may have something to do with the fact that ever since he was a teeny baby I would dance with him all over the house.  Or that when he was still in my belly I would tap along with music so he could hear the beat in there...whatever the case may be, when he hears music now he starts to do his groove thang. 

Grey's groove thang consists of some serious arm flapping and knee bouncing.  that's about as far as his dancing has progressed at the mere age of 8 1/2 months, but he looks pretty smooth.

Booboo dances most of the day along with one of his favorite Christmas toys his activity table.  It has four different settings including the alphabet/numbers, Spanish words, and just a "play" setting.  However, it stays mostly on the Music setting because Grey loves to dance along with the tunes so much.  There are a few songs on the table that B and I know by heart and find ourselves singing them later in the day after the babe is fast asleep.  Pretty sure some of our guests from New Years can sing along with them now too, hah!

But Grey does not dance exclusively to the activity table.  He dances to his mumma's singing (hah), to the ipod, and even to commercial jingles. 

ps. his shirt in the video definitely says "Mommy needs a date night."  Just trying to give daddy a subtle message.

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  1. Tab, he is such a precious little man! Enjoy these crazy days :-)