Holiday Cheer challenge

Friday, November 26, 2010

There is the most beautiful lyric'ed song by Martin Sexton where he says, "I sing because I must."  (thank you, Stephanie for introducing me to him)!  And ever since listening to that song, I have a phrase now for how I feel in my heart....I give because I must.  I love giving...its in my heart and I know that other people love it too, it makes you feel good, its inspiring, it helps others, it reminds you what to be thankful for...its an automatic revival for your soul.  So, in the spirit of the biggest giving holiday of the year; I am offering up a challenge for anyone holly jolly enough to take it:  It's the Holiday Cheer challenge!

The challenge is to commit to setting aside $25 from your usual holiday spending and between Thanksgiving & Christmas spend that $25 in a charitable way.

You are encouraged to "brag back” in the comments about the cheer you were able to give someone. Participate as a family, or try to out-do each other! Be as creative or traditional as you like!
So forgo a few coffees & drive-through food while you're out shopping this season and let’s collectively decide to do a little something for someone else this holiday season.

Giving IS receiving.
Need examples?
-Buy baking supplies & bake cookies for the local fire department -use the money to buy a Toys For Tots gift -spend the money on some greeting cards & deliver them to an assisted living community -buy your house recycling bins & be kind to the Earth -donate the money to an organization working on finding a cure for a disease that has effected someone you know-buy supplies to create a shoebox for a soldier overseas - donate the money to a charity that inspires you -Buy mosquito nets for kids in Africa at -donate to your place of worship -let your kids decide how to spend it (they can get ideas from: ) -help buy a family a heifer! (or a goat, or baby chicks) at

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