Vacation Review: My 6month old wishes he was a merman

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Greyson's favorite part about vacation?  SWIMMING!  He loved having access to all that water all day long.  He loved swimming in the ocean (with his crab floaty)....

or without it!  We held him up to his neck in the ocean and he liked splashing like a wild man.  You'd think the splashes of salt water into his face would bother him - but no!  it was more of a hazard for me; with one eye on the next rolling wave and one eye filled with salt from Grey's splash?!

He also LOVED swimming in the pool.  We made frequent trips to the pool to bask in the shade and swim at the same time.  There were so  many guests that kept coming up to us asking how old he was and if he's always loved the water that much.  He was swimming and smiling all over that pool! 

The first day we swam with him in the pool; I was pulling him all around the place and Grey kept reaching his arms out to my cheeks with the biggest smile on his face and pulling me in for kisses.  It was almost like he was telling me, "Thank you mummie, thank you for bringing me to a place where I can swim all day long!" 

Greyson even got to go "swimming" in our huge jacuzzi bathtub in our room.  Surprisingly, he wasn't crazy about the jets (they just confused him), but he loved taking his bath everynight and splashing all around. 

With all that swimming comes a lot of napping too!

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