Greyson Rudy 6 months old!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Greyson big boy Rudy is already 6 months old!  He is growing like a weed and we've discovered that he's 28 inches long at his last doctor's check-up!  That means he's grown out of his baby car seat!  ahhh!

Beside being a bean pole, Greyson has mastered sitting up by himself.  He likes playing with toys for about 10 minutes.  Play usually consists of chewing.

He also can get up on all fours, belly off the ground, and then rock back and forth.  Its obvious he wants to "go" but just can't seem to get the moving forward part down.  He does like to scoot backwards all over the floor.  He even scooted underneath the playpen the other day and got trapped!

Booboo likes to grab anything within reach (and sometimes out of reach too).  He wants everything and he wants it in his mouth.  Beware long-haired people who wear earrings.

Little G still loves eating, but has a fairly picky tastebud issue.  He fake gags anytime we feed him meat...or anything else he doesn't like that particular day.  I have resorted to pushing his head back (um, bad parenting skills alert) and pushing the spoon in his mouth.  He sits there and gags with a devil's smirk on his face.  The other day he put his hand across his forehead like a dramatic actor and flung his head over his high chair...and then proceeded to spit out his turkey&vegetables.  bad.

Not gonna spit out this marshmallow though, huh?

The other exciting new ability Grey has is to babble wildly.  He especially likes screaming like a pterodactyl and fake coughing.  When he babbles on with "ba ba, da, ba, la, na, etc" he eerily resembles rubber johnny.  I feel like putting on my English accent and telling him, "Don't breathe like that, it will make you feel very strange."

(this is a video of Rubber, not case you were terrified that my son is totally crazy)

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  1. ahhhhhhhh!! well I was laughing out loud at your description of feeding Greyson...and then I got to the video at the bottom!!! I had totally forgotten about how we used to watch it and then I'd have to go get the bus from your creepy apartment building and be scared out of my mind!!!! thanks for the memories, and thanks again for sharing your adorable boy with all of us!!!