A visit from Baltimore

Monday, November 22, 2010

My newly engaged best friend, Karpy and her fiance Matt drove all the way up from Baltimore to visit with us when I got back from Florida.  It was unbelievably nice to spend time with her and talk at all hours of the day just like old times.  They arrived after a full evening of driving on Friday night a little after midnight (so I guess, technically Saturday morning..) We decided to have one drink which turned into a few more drinks and a few more hours...when we finally came up to go to bed, it was after 4am!  hahha, that's what good friends will do to ya.

On Saturday, while B was finishing up archery season, we headed to Presque Isle to take some engagment pictures!  I am honored to say that they asked me to take their photos for them.  They came out beautifully and Matt was such a good sport about being romantic in front of me (and all the other bystanders).

We were so happy that they made the longest road trip ever just to come hang out for the weekend.  We played grown-up games, and talked, and laughed, and gossiped, and wedding planned (my fav!) the weekend away.  Thank you & we love you!

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