Father's day at the Que

Thursday, June 22, 2017

We celebrated Father's day at our favorite local spot, The Quemahoming Dam (I included it in my no bummer summer list!) with our Dadda, my Dad (Chum), and Brandon's Dad (Pappy-) - plus Abba, Gigi, Aunt Uch, Kevin, and Aunt Kitty! We reserved a small pavilion (it's only $25!) and spend the day enjoying the beautiful weather, grilling out on the charcoal grill for a delicious picnic dinner, swimming in the dam, fishing, skipping rocks, playing on the playground, and even kayaking.  It was honestly such a perfect day.

First, the gratitude that I have that my children know the joy and comfort of all the people that love the very most in one place at one time runs so so deep.  I know it is a blessing beyond belief that we are surrounded with family and friends who first love our babies, but also like each other enough to spend whole days together in harmonious peace (even whole vacations together!) This gift is never one that escapes me and for one that I am so truly grateful for.  

Secondly, we have such good Dads in our lives.  

Brandon, who will forever be the single greatest thing I have ever given my children; a man who loves them, and encourages them, and celebrates all their weird little quirks, and who in deliberate and obvious ways so very much loves their mother.  

Chum and Pappy, our Dads, who have taught us each nearly every important lesson of our lives.  And then, graduated to grandfather status and just straight kills it.  These kids of ours are so blessed with grandpas that not only teach them so much, but go out of their way to create special little activities that are unique to them and to each child.  Like golfing, and quad riding, and fishing, and always being up for a game of soccer or catch in the yard.  

And so many Dads we know; our friends and family, the kids' uncles and godfathers.  I will never reach the end of my gratitude for the examples of good men that my children have in their lives.  (thank you to all of you good, decent, and kind men in our life). 

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