Around Here Twenty five: 06/16-06/22

Friday, June 23, 2017

A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this minute.


Big Jack! Our resident toad.

Intentional Outdoor Hours: 245+ hours (of 1000)
Up 32 hours this week.  I made a goal of getting at least three hours a day and succeeded and way overachieved on a few.  We racked up hours in the beautiful sunshine this week and I got in quite a few walks with the dogs.  I even cleared a path in our woods to the farm trails behind our house so we could get there easier (and so the kids could explore).  I had a double header volleyball game on Tuesday night and Rusty and I did quite a bit of mowing yesterday to get ready for this weekend.

Reading and finishing Dark Matter by Blake Crouch in three days.  It was a great, fun read - I recommend it! For my next book on the Inspired Reader's Book Club Summer Checklist, I borrowed a YA book from our library this week (two checks off the list for one book!) The Girl from Everywhere by Heidi Heilig.

Library Haul: 16 books [we're making a goal to visit the library once a week this summer (for lunch! free lunch to kids on weekdays from noon-1p at the downtown library).  And so I'm also going to list our favorites of the books we score for the week].  Favorites:  Little Bear by Else Holmelund Minarik, Yawn by Sally Symes (set us all off on chain reaction yawning spree! so funny!), Hide and Snake by Keith Baker, Night Creatures a Scholastic First Discovery Book, and Food Chain by M.P. Robertson (Grey thinks this book is hilarious!)*

Enjoying Idlewild & Soakzone.  Our whole family went out on Friday with Gigi and Pappy and had a great day (B took off).  We were so surprised to see that Violet is exactly 36inches tall and loves riding the big rides!  She rode the paratrooper with me and the Loggin' Tobaggin' with all of us for goodness sakes!  It was such a fun day and Pap and Gigi had packed a whole picnic lunch with a throw-away charcoal grill! Right when we were getting ready to leave early to make it home for baseball practice, we got a text that practice was cancelled - so we ended up staying for most of the rest of the evening!  Then the three big kids GOT TO GO AGAIN on Tuesday with Abba and Chum!  (Best Christmas gift ever local Floodcity families!  Buy Idlewild season passes on Black Friday for the kids and grandparents!) The kids and my parents spent the at the park with Aunt Uch and had a blast riding rides, water park'ing, and watching the little song & dance shows (Gem is obsessed).  It was glorious to see them so tired and happy at the end of a long, fun day!

Party hopping on Saturday.  We enjoyed a fun and delicious bbq at the Rummell's house where we got to meet our newest cousin Baby Austin.  Then we headed over to our friend Sara's bridal shower. The girls love attending bridal showers and feeling like their one of the grown up ladies.  We rushed to try to make it to Grey's game (he got called up to play with 9-10yr olds with three of his little friends) but we rolled up right at the very end of the game.

Celebrating Father's day at the Quemahoming Dam all day long.  It was perfection.

Continuing our summer holiday celebrations with lighting sparklers for Juneteenth and taking the dogs for a nice long dusk walk and grilled dinner on Summer Solstice.

Preparing for Beer Olympics this weekend!  We got the garage all cleared out and the grass mowed. The rules have been printed, the shirts and kegs ordered, and one final grocery trip and we'll be all set to go for our ninth annual event!  The penultimate!

Blogging!  I wrote a post everyday this week because the creativity was flowing, and when you got it - you got it use it up! It felt good to get a little bit of time with something that is just mine this week.  Literally every single other thing in my life is shared with someone else - my meals, my time, my attention, my energy.  But this little corner of my life is just for me and it feels good to cultivate it and spend a little self-care time over here getting my brain and heart out. (thanks for hanging out!)

Making  slow cooker cheesy chicken and rice, grilled honey garlic porkchops, one of my favorite dinners - chicken cordon bleu pasta since we got some delicious ham from my dad & mum (thank you!).  And I made camo cupcakes to celebrate Father's day (using this icing technique).

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  1. I hear you about the blogging being yours, and yours alone. Even the bathroom is never alone. ;)

    Love hearing from you so much. I hope the creative juices keep flowing, sister!!!