Screen Free Week 2017 Prep

Saturday, April 29, 2017

It's Screen Free Week again!

I have been so looking forward to this week this year, because I know I am in need of a week-long reboot of screens so badly and I just can't wait to be 'off the hook' of knowing and seeing all.the.things all.the.time.

The kids, as every year so far, won't even really flinch because they are much less tuned into screens than Bud and I.  It really boils down to the access to phones and since only the adults in our home have those currently, the main screen zombies are us!

This year will be our fifth year participating in Screen Free Week and it's become another one of those mini-holidays we celebrate at our house.  The kids know it's coming, they know the drill, and we act like it's just another special week during a year of little (and big) celebrations.

In preparation, the kids and I sat down to draft up a list of the kinds of things we could do that didn't involve screens - just in case we needed a reminder during the week - and in only a few minutes and with no trouble at all, we were all talking over each other getting excited about the prospect of so many fun activities.

The three little ones and I will definitely make a trip to the library early on to load up on new-to-us books to devour during Screen Free Week.  Hopefully, if the weather holds out, we'll grab lots of outdoor time (I'm ambitiously shooting for 6 hours a day at least!)

We also have
(wait for it)
....a baseball game every single night Monday through Saturday and then Brandon and I are running in the Pittsburgh half-marathon on Sunday.  (go ahead, laugh at our expense, because that's a ridiculous week line-up, we're kind of laughing too...or crying; it's hard to tell).

Personally, I'm hoping to make up for my shoddy reading completion for this year so far and finish my current book and one other book too by next week's end.  And, I have some chores on the docket - like changing out seasonal clothes and switching kids' sizes, etc)

I've written so many times about screens and modern day parenting and outdoor time that I know I must sound like a broken record.  So I apologize, but I think somehow, each of these pieces meet together to create a a tiny crack in the big picture of understanding so much about the current state of the world.  I know that in my own experience, the people who are the happiest, most level headed, calm, and adaptable are those that spend quality time outdoors and have a firm 'real life vs. screen' balance in their lives.  There must be a connection, I just know it!

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I hope you'll be joining us in this unplugged week, if it's your first time ever or if you've participated in the past - I can't wait to hear about it in a week!!

Look up! Engage! Play!!
See you soon, friends! xxoxox

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  1. Please don't apologize! I love all the info you share about screen-free and outdoor time! You're an inspiration! We've participated before but never manage to make it through the week completely. I'm hoping to make it happen this year! Wish me luck!