Seven Things to do before you're Seven (by Greyson)

Thursday, April 6, 2017

I am Greyson
it is my birthday almost.

this is what you should do before you are 7.
my mom typed this list.
butt* they are my ideas


1. Learn to ride a bike with no training wheels. And Rollerblade and to ride a scooter and maybe ride a quad and shoot a BB gun and a bow and arrow.

2. Help your mom and dad: by doing chores and not teasing your brothers and sisters (too much).

3. Do kind-of dangerous things:   like rollerblading, climbing trees, helping dad build a fire, and learning to cook an egg all by yourself.  But make sure you tell a grown up first before you do the kind-of dangerous thing.

4. Be in the dark alone: this can be scary but if you sing a song you won't be too scared.  And remember all of these things are pretend:  Bigfoot, monsters, tigers (they live in the jungle), zombies, aliens, ghosts, and sharks (they live in the ocean).

5. Learn stuff from your grandpas: like soccer, and looking for Bigfoot, and playing catch (baseball or football), riding a quad, fishing, hunting, and fixing stuff and how to use tools.

6. Learn to read.  Some of my favorite books are about Bigfoot, Science, Aliens, and Dinosaurs.  You can learn about cool stuff from books, like about Water Bears and then your mom will look up more stuff on the internet and youtube videos about the stuff you learn in books.

7. Do more grown up stuff: like ordering your own food at a restaurant, pick out your own clothes and shoes for school, help little kids do stuff, fix your own hair in the morning and brush your teeth, go with your family to do nice things for people like helping at church and leaving presents for the mail lady in the mailbox.

*he laughed for several minutes that he intentionally spelled butt like the body part and not 'but.'

it's tab again...
my biggest baby is turning seven this week.
i'm not crying

i'll love you forever my booboo.
even when you're bigger than me.
even when you don't laugh at butt/but jokes anymore.

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  1. I can't wait to share this with my 6yr old boy. I share your blog with but the my boys,6 and 3. They like seeing what your kids do and if they are doing anything similar.