Easter 2017

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Our holidays tend to be very busy; at least three different meals at three different homes, lots of hugs, gifts, and goodie bags.  But as I say every time we gear up for a marathon holiday, 'we can't complain about having places to go where people love us and give us yummy things to eat!"

Easter started at our house with a late night whip up of a batch of my Grandma Helen's sugar cookies.  We got home on Saturday evening and while Brandon put the kids through the shower rotation, they also came through the rolling out the dough/cookie cutter wiggling station in the kitchen with me.  They helped ice them too with Gram's famous boiled icing...a little bit before they were all ready to hop off to bed before the bunny came.

We started Easter bright and early at our house as we woke up to our baskets and a little egg hunt out on the front patio that the bunny left us.  Bullet kept sniffing out the hidden eggs and cracking them to spill jelly beans all over the sidewalk.  The girls were over-the-moon that the bunny brought them Twosies and Shopkins and Grey got baseball eye black and new Rooster tails for fishing.  Rust-Man was pretty pleased with his baby snacks and all the eggs filled with m&ms!

We got dressed and headed out to Pappy and Gigi's for Easter breakfast and more Easter baskets!  (The Easter bunny knows where all of our kids' grandparents live! How lucky!)  We eased into the morning with delicious made-to-order egg sandwiches from Pappy on the grill griddle! While the kids put together their mini gumball machines and sneaked more candy snacks.  Then it was off to 11am church service. 

After church, we loaded up in Sheila again and headed over to Abba and Chum's house with the whole Adams family for Easter lunch.  The 'Kids' table' was born again (a long time childhood memory at Grandma's dinners!) The food was plentiful and scrumptious and as always, it was so nice to be surrounded by our big family.  After holding out for the whole day, Rust finally crashed out for a nap after we ate and he snoozed hard in Abba's crib.  

Dinner was followed up with a kid/adult soccer game where my goalie talents were on display (I have some serious toe-stopping abilities that even surprised me! hah!) and then an egg hunt complete with dead mouse (so weird, and so Adams family).  It was such a beautifully perfect weather day and we were grateful to get to spend so much time outside.  

And then, we were off again!  To Mimi's house this time and we made it just in enough time to give Kuma and Uncle Buck a quick Easter hug and kiss.  Then we got some nice, relaxing time with Mimi snacking on Easter leftovers for supper and giggling about Rusty who was loving all the great eats and treats of Easter (it was his first Easter ever!)

And then, after a quick rainstorm, a double rainbow was visible just as we were leaving Mimi, our final stop of the day, and felt like such a reminder that we are so blessed.  Tired, yes.  Loaded down in Sheila with way too much candy, Easter baskets, and trinkets, yes.  Overstuffed bellies and multiple leftover take-home containers, yes.  and blessed, blessed, blessed to have such a busy, tiring, wonderful holiday. 

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