Around Here Twenty-Five: 06/17 - 06/23

Friday, June 24, 2016

A glimpse into what it's like to live in our home just this minute.


Intentional Hours Outdoors 228 hours (of 1000)
Boy, I'm not doing so great with this small babe and these early weeks of newborn hood, only up 12 hours this week.  I'm still trying to get a handle on the whole 'while he sleeps' to do checklist...and unfortunately, not often is the highest priority on that list 'get outside' yet.  waah.  On Sunday, we had our first intramural alumni kickball game, and then we were lucky to hang outside at the grandparents' houses though this weekend when we visited -Rustin's first time to both of their houses this week!  I also took the kids to the elementary school parking lot and playground to play for the first day of summer.  It was hot and very sunny and everyone turned out to kind of tired and cranky (including me) so it was kind of a bust - but I tried. 

Reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo the newborn exhaustion has lowered my reading capability severely.  Nursing makes me feel tired already and then when I've been trying to add reading to that has me just drifting off into snoozeland. 

Cheering on Gemmi as she learned to ride a bike without training wheels this week! 

Celebrating how blessed we are in the 'Dad' department.  We have amazing grandfathers in our Chum and Pappy.  We got to spend a delicious brunch with Chum and then he and Greyson had a sleepover having all kinds of fun playing golf and loads of backyard games.  We spent the afternoon swimming and bbq'ing with Pappy and Gigi.  Grey even got brave enough to jump off the diving board. We also are lucky to have four awesome Godfathers for our kids - we love you Uncle Jonny, Uncle Juice, Butter, and Dobber! - and well, our own Daddy is flat out incredible.  (bud, i will never have the words for how grateful i am that you are the dad of our babies.  i love watching you as a dad to them, cheering them on and really appreciating all of their unique little quirks.  you are amazing.  also i think you're very cute and funny. i love you.)

Feeling the effects of the rotten eight in a big way.  Whew, week three is a rough one.  We were all sleepy this week - so bizarre that even the big kids were taking unplanned naps throughout the week, which has messed up bedtimes quite a bit.  We are all keeping odd hours these days as we try to adjust to our new bigger family. Sleepy smiles, seeing his little filled out milk belly, and more eye contact from Rustin this week though is making it all worth it. 

Watching in awe as Gemma shines as a little mumma.  She loves Rustin and mimics me so perfectly that it tends to stop me in my tracks. She's been getting in trouble for picking him up on her own (although I do have to say her technique is safe and neck-supportive, but still...she is only four) and also she is anxious to change his diaper on her own.  She talks to him in a sweet momma voice and says things like, "we're going to keep you forever, aren't we my little sweet child?" and "look at you, buddy, you're growing so much, my sweetheart"

Running to the bathroom every twenty minutes as Violet has decided she wants to be potty trained this week.  She started whining and fussing about wearing a diaper and then comes to us saying, "Potty!" She's been wildly successful (a few accidents though) and feels very proud to wear big kid underpants. She's our youngest potty trained kid yet at 21 months!

Smiling about kindness and friendship after receiving a beautiful bouquet of orange roses from my sweet friend Ashley.  It arrived on a particularly hard day after all four kids were feeling cranky and I was so very tired. It was like a real piece of sunshine on a gloomy day.

Making this chicken cordon bleu pasta one night because I was craving it big time.  These sweet and sour meatballs were so easy and seriously delicious. Gemmi helped whip up some spaghetti one night since it's always a consistent hit with the kids.  For breakfast, Brandon, Violet, and I gobbled up this breakfast bubble-up (although I left out the spicy components).  


  1. Potty training!! How I wish I convince Thomas to try, but he's content to run around naked and just pee on the floor. BOYS! :)
    You're doing great mama! xoxo

  2. Tabitha, it sounds like you're doing amazing, all things considered! Give yourself grace about outside time and reading, as it will all come together once you get through the first few months with four.
    Carly has suddenly decided to wake up every hour (for the last four days) and since she's never done this (ever, at all, even as a newborn) I am feeling total sympathy for your lack of sleep. It is brutal. I can't think straight and am lucky to shower and keep the kids alive while running on this little rest! Hugs as you ride out this trying (wonderful) time!!!