Around Here Twenty-Two: 05/27-06/02

Friday, June 3, 2016

A glimpse into what it is like to live in our home just this very seriously, this minute, right before our new baby brother arrives!  The final week of just the five of us!

Intentional Outdoor Hours: 203 hours (of 1000)
We are up 34 hours this week thanks to some beautiful weather and lots of opportunities of outdoor fun.  We are big into outdoor meals and took advantage of it this week - especially since Brandon was off all week (pre-paternity leave!) and powerwashed the patios.  It is looking so beautiful and clean outside, we just can't help ourselves but spend time out there. (by the way is there anything more immediately satisfying than power washing?  besides maybe delivering a baby?  HAH).

Reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau

Cheering on the Path of the Flood runners on Saturday with You in Flood City.  The kids and I made signs, we had pom poms, and we stood on the sidelines cheering on the 5K, 12K, and half marathoners all morning.  It was so fun and inspiring to see such a variety of runners - and so many of them swinging over our way with their hands outstretched for high fives from our kids.

Enjoying company of our friends The Stifflers at our Memorial Day weekend tradition of spending the day at their Prince Gallitzin campsite.  The kids were so very happy that we got to be with our friends swimming, biking, and hanging out for the day.  We got trapped in a huge rainstorm on our walk from the lake to the campsite which was kind of hilarious.  Such a great day of friends and fire and outdoors. (thanks Ang & Tom!)

Spending time with family.  We had dinner and lots of playtime with our Adams family on Friday night.  The kids were thrilled to play all night and then finish out the evening by watching the bats fly out of my parents' bat house.  Then, we got to sing happy birthday to our Gigi and spend the day hanging out and bbq'ing in her honor.  I was feeling particularly pregnant and uncomfortable that day and was even graced with an afternoon nap while Gigi played with the kids and Pappy and Brandon opened their swimming pool (in the rain!) And on Memorial Day, we spent the afternoon swimming and eating with our Studer cousins - so much yummy food and lots of playtime and quad rides that made our kids so happy.  I am so very grateful to live close to family that takes such good care of all of us.

Celebrating the end of the school year!  Grey had his last day on Wednesday and it seems impossible that it's been over 9 months from when he first stepped on that bus and headed out for his first day of school ever.  Remember when he cried and whined about school for two weeks straight!?  And now, he's reading and writing and so proud to be heading to first grade.

Nesting big time.  As Brandon was off for pre-paternity leave (he took the week before and week after for vacation), he was quite a busy Daddy over here doing all.the.chores.  He powerwashed basically everything outside (patios, sidewalks, tractor, house siding!), hung curtains, carried things up and down from the attic.  We also bought some things we really needed (and saved money for from our tax refund, whoot!) including a new grill and a new vacuum.  We cleaned the whole inside of the house, the outside, mowed the whole yard, mulched the flower beds, cleaned out Sheila (our minivan), washed curtains, changed bed was spring cleaning and baby prep to the max over here.

Trying all the ways to induce my own labor, hahhah, including swimming, bumpy road driving (and mowing), eating balsamic vinegar dressing on my salads, eating bananas, doing squats, all the NSFW options (hah), walking 10,000+ steps many days, eating spicy food, eating mac&cheese with ketchup (what worked for Greyson!), meditating, and asking to send good 'be born' vibes to this baby boy.  Alas, no babe...yet.  Thank you so, so much to everyone that has called, texted, commented, emailed and msged me this week to let me know that our new boy and I are in your thoughts.  It has been so comforting to truly feel surrounded in positive and loving thoughts this week.  thank you so so much.

Making lots of breakfast goodies this week.  I've been craving these chocolately little muffin delights, so I threw a batch together - they're only three ingredients!  Also making these Fruity Pebble muffins to celebrate the end of the school year.  And then whipping up these banana-oat cookies Thursday morning for some outdoor breakfast.  I was reading somewhere that bananas are good to eat before labor because a potassium deficiency could delay it (internet says so, so it must be true, right?) and so I figured it was doubly good - for me, and our family ate the whole batch in one day because they're so yummy (we use cranberries instead of raisins).

welp, gotta go have our baby now!
next blog post, i'll be a mumma of four!

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  1. So sweet...those final days before #4. Mixed emotions, I'm sure. Sending prayers and good vibes to you all! (Also, I LOVE your van's name. Ours is Charles. Haha!)