Around Here Twenty-Four: 06/10-06/16

Friday, June 17, 2016

What it feels like to live in our home just this minute.

Intentional Outdoor Hours 216 hours (of 1000)
I  did okay this week, up 8 hours (and the kids are getting waaay more outside time than me, but this is my personal count, so I'm only including my own hours) but I'm still anxious to spend more time outside as Rustin grows and my energy increases...ever so slowly.  Thanks to this great tent from Coleman, I've been taking Rust out for short little bursts protected from the sun and strong winds. (thanks to one of my fav friends JP for letting me copy her! heehe) Grey and I took both dogs for an almost 2mile walk one night and they were so very happy about it.  Grey needed it too as he has been totally stir-crazy since school has let out.  I keep saying that between the four of them - Grey has been the most challenging because he has so much energy - he wants to play all.the.time.  Roller hockey in the garage, baseball catch, one-on-one kickball games, bike rides, climbing trees, jumping on the is nonstop with that child.  I keep joking that I'm going to put an ad in the classifieds, "seeking 8 year old very active child to come over and play with my 6 year old son for eight hours a day"  hahah.

Reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and finished Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.  I liked the book and was glad to read it before I see the movie.

Feeling proud that after going back and forth about twenty times about it last Friday night ('if you want to stay home tonight, that's totally fine with me')... Brandon, Rusty and I went for a real life out-to-eat dinner date at 9:45p.  First dinner just the two of us (Rusty slept the whole time so we're counting it!) in about six months; so big time win for us.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Yamato (super yum Japanese) and we ate our own food, made by someone else, off of our own plates, with no interruptions and nobody spilling food all over the table or sneaking bites from us.  Magic.

Finishing the regular season for baseball on Monday night.  Grey was feeling pretty disappointed after the game knowing that it was over (or at least until the All star practices and games start later this month) but nothing too sad that couldn't be cured by an impromptu birthday dinner party at Pizza Hut with Uncle Jonny and Ninna! Lucky for all of us!

Enjoying company in a big way.  We had such a wonderful week with lots of appreciated visitors who go to meet our sweet Rusty and entertain our other three little gremlins.  We were beyond blessed to have friends and family visit almost every day this week, bearing gifts, dinner, snacks, and lots of hugs.  So very, very grateful.  It was especially nice since Brandon headed back to work on Monday after his long vacation home with us.  Including, shaving off his 18day which I almost cried actual tears over.  hah.

Sleeping out on the couch this week while Rusty sleeps peacefully nearby which allows us to wake up and nurse every 3 hours without disturbing anyone else.  It's such a crazy time period as I try desperately to keep my eyes open during those middle of the night feedings.  Such a bizarre blur of awake and asleep - I'm always grateful to find Law&Order SVU on at 3am.  I like figuring out which of my nursing momma friends are up at the same time as Rusty and I based on their social media activity (hahhaa)!

Checking off milestones for Rusty this week.  We headed out to church all together, the six of us, for the first time (Rusty pooped through his diaper and all over Brandon's lap during the homily - niiiice).  He also got his first real bath this week after his belly button stump fell off and he's all healed up! He looked so comfy just lounging in his little bath hammock and the big kids were proud and happy for him.

Making these three ingredient chocolate pumpkin mini-muffins because our family is obsessed.  I used a whole bag of chocolate chips this time and they and so chocolately.  we eat them like snacks, it's actually somewhat disturbing. Also threw together these no bake energy bites because both B and I were dying for some mid-afternoon pick-me-up (we also eat these with incredible speed...we have a snacking problem in this house). Bud made this chicken teriyaki casserole and it was delicious, even if it took forever to make because B forgot to defrost the chicken until he was just about to put it in the oven (hah!)


  1. If you are serious about needing kids to play out Greyson I would seriously consider it. My are full of energy all the time. Sun up to sun down.

  2. You are rockin' this newborn stage, mama!