Transition from FTWM to SAHM Vlog Series: Intro

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Well here's a good laugh for the day!

I was inspired by my sweet friend, Haley (hi, Haley!) to do a post or two about my transition from a full-time working mom to a stay at home mom as she is currently getting ready to take the leap.  She emailed me a week or so ago with questions about budgets and tips & tricks for hard days, and how to feel confident in at-home educational activities, etc.  Love her so much for even considering me as a reliable source!!  And also for supplying great blog content that might help other moms too that are thinking about (or hoping in the future) to make the sometimes scary transition to SAHM.

I was both flattered and apparently wildly overly ambitious as I had a spark of inspiration to use this topic as my first dabble in video blogging.

this is a screenshot, haha.   Pressing Play here is not an option :)

yeesh, after yesterday's recording that spanned the course of the day with multiple children making their appearances in the videos and more distractions and stops then I can count...I'm thinking maybe I overshot my abilities.  lololololololol.

Check out my very first vlog below and please ignore the following things:
  • the cuts in takes as I was pulled into a "crisis" every few minutes (and by crisis I mean someone needed a drink or the tv channel needed changed)
  • the giant pile of junk that needs sorted behind me (Brandon commented while laughing later:  um, could you not have picked a nicer backdrop of our house?)
  • the fact that my exhaustion and exasperation becomes increasingly visible on my face as the video progresses (HAH)
  • that on a scale of 1 to 10, my laptop camera quality is a 2.5

But it's only the first one, right?  And maybe I'll get used to speaking on camera as they go on...?  Here's hoping for all of your sake!  This is why I write instead of youtube my thoughts.  Speaking is so less eloquent it's actually funny.  or shameful.  whatevs.

So come back for the first installment of the series next Wednesday to get some insightful information on my initial fears and worries when I was transitioning to a SAHM...or come back for the outtake reel (obviously), or maybe just because you can't look away from this trainwreck.  um, yeah, the last one makes the most sense.

thoughts, general concerns about my abilities both in parenting and vlogging?  HAH.  If you have specific ideas for things you'd like me to attempt to address about my life as a SAHM, please let me know in the comments or on facebook.  I'll do my best to speak to them...and also do my best to maybe fix my hair in the next video.  


  1. You did a Amazing Job! I hope you can continue to Vlog, P.S. Get a small camera and use that to Vlog with its so much easier to take the camera with you and Vlog your real life not that sitting down to talk is not good to but it will add variety and make it more fun. Lauren from Somerset, Hi :)

  2. That's why we love you Tab! You keep it real and all with a smile on your face!good luck.

  3. So great! Love hearing your voice!

  4. Love it and all of your kids in the shots! So excited as the first week of sahm kicked my butt:) xo Haley