My Sister's Wedding Shower

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

We had a simple & elegant outdoor wedding shower for my sister in early September; the future Mrs. Love.

Tab, Bride to Be Kayla, Mum, Tash
As I was headed out to pick up necessities of the day that morning, I got trapped for over 15 minutes in a complete downpour.  Like monsoon style.  Knowing that the wedding shower was outdoors with more people than we could have comfortably fit inside, it caused for a little worry that morning. 

Alas, due to a combination of good karma and lots of wishing- the sun came out and the bridesmaids, Mother of the bride, and Ninna (the ever present hero:) got to wiping down and fixing up so that everything was ready to roll just in time for the shower to get started.  Seriously, it was like a real life wedding shower miracle.

The shower was at my parents' house on the back deck and patio.  We set up their outdoor tent and also had round tables with umbrellas.  The centerpieces were simple vases&flowers (thanks Mum!) and we placed pitchers of water with frozen lemon ice cubes on each.  The food was set up on the patio under the pavilion.  We had croissant sandwiches, various salads (linguine salad, spinach&strawberry salad, potato salad, etc) and an assortment of sweets.  Simple and light fare for the day.

 Each bridesmaid had a 'shower job' at different parts of the day, which makes for a big difference when it comes to timing and organization.  At the start of the shower, three maids were directing people to park and taking gifts.  And two more bridesmaids held trays of small glasses of water for guests to pick up on their way to their seats.

Instead of traditional shower prizes, we had each bridesmaid create a 'lottery tree' and the mothers of the bride and groom created 'money trees' that would be given out to guests throughout the shower during the gift opening (at the ring of a timer, whomever's gift the bride was opening received a 'tree').  Each tree was created from the unique ideas of the bridesmaids and moms - so it turned out to be beautiful decor for the shower too!

Our littlest sister had created a set of photo frames called "Meet the Maids" which was also displayed for guests to read a little bit about each of the bridesmaids and a small description of how they know the bride.  It turned out beautifully (thanks Tash!) and was such a sweet and personal touch to the day.

As people arrived, we mingled and caught up with relatives and friends.  Gemmi and Grey played and ran around the yard giggling.  I snapped one hundred and fifty pictures...
the bride and the Moms :)

little flower girl
 After lunch, we got to opening gifts.  There was a beautiful moment while my sister was opening gifts when a huge butterfly kept swooping and flying around her head.  As both our grandmas have passed, my sisters, Mom and I were smiling at the thought that maybe it was the Grams making their presence known on such a special day.

 Gift opening was another important 'shower job' time for the bridesmaids.  I was acting as photographer, Tasha was keeping the detailed gift log, and Kayla's best friends were in charge of keeping the gifts a'moving.  We had a gift giver, gift taker, waste management (hah), and opened-gift-organizer.  It went off like a well-oiled machine and there wasn't any waiting or downtime (thanks girls!).

Speaking of grandmas, our paternal grandma was an amazing cook and baker.  Never as a profession but she was well known for her goodies and treats.  I asked for all of her recipes after she passed and created recipe books for all of the cousins and aunts for one of the first Christmases following her death.  But I heard about this amazing company CustomSepia and knew I wanted to do something special for Kayla's Shower.

I contacted CustomSepia earlier in the summer and with only a scan&upload of one of my Gram's original recipe cards, and a few weeks - I had a beautiful custom platter of our Grandma's handwriting ready for Kayla.  Her reaction was so touching and beautiful.  My sister is the prettiest, most graceful crier ever.

After the gifts, Kayla gave a sweet speech of gratitude and we finished up eating, drinking, and mingling right into a light sprinkling of rain (that held off until the very end).  We made sure to grab several important pics of the Bride-to-Be with different groups of family members, including one with just her and her flower girl.  (hehhe, tiny Gemmi!)

And then the Groom-to-Be arrived to deliver a bouquet of flowers and a couple of smooching photo ops to his Bride.  Ryan spent the day golfing with a bunch of the guys connected to the shower attendants (Brandon, our Dad, various other boyfriends and male relatives).  And they were happy to discover that my Mom had set up a feast in the garage for the boys where they all headed before helping to load up cars with beautiful wedding gifts. 

It was a perfect afternoon- even with a monsoon of a rainstorm right before!  What a wonderful start to the wedding festivities for my little sis.  Can.not.wait. for more to come in the upcoming months.  eeek! #Lovepartyoftwo 

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  1. Beautifully written Tabitha! It was a wonderful day despite all of the hurdles. I sincerely want to thank all of Kayla's bridesmaids: you, Tasha, Kayla S., Stacey, Sara, and Brin - in addition to - Lindz, and my friends; Pammie, Becky, Lori, and Shell - for all of the help. It would not have been a magical day for our Kayla if not for all of the support! Thank you so much and love you more, Mumma Adams