the worst news my three year old son ever heard (yet)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

The other morning, I stepped into a conversation that for my son may have been the worst news he has ever heard (at least yet in his life).

Grey:  maybe when I'm big, I can make you dinner with mashed potatoes, sausage, and eggies
Me:  Okay, me and Daddy can come to your house and eat it
Grey:  what house?
Me:  when you grow up and get big you'll get your own house to live in
Grey:  are you just kidding?
Me:  hahha, no.
Grey:  will Gemmi come with me?
Me:  ummm..if you want, she can.
Grey:  No, you're kidding.
Me:  hahha, it's not for a very long time, honey.
Grey:  I don't want another house.  I love our house and our family!
Me:  we love you, baby!  it's okay Grey, you'll see, someday when you're big you'll want your own house, and you can make spaghetti every night for dinner if you want and never make your bed!
Grey:  No, Mum.  Please stop talking about this.

Dear Grey,
Don't think I'm not going to remind you of this when you're 17.
Because I definitely am.
I love you forever,
even when you get big and get your own house,


  1. My son is 5 and we recently had this conversation too. Made my heart feel great!

  2. Cutest thing ever. Poor guy! That is awful news when you're little, but it's such a cute thing for the grown ones! :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. Funnily enough, my 4 and a half year old and I had this conversation recently as well! It's so nice to feel loved and wanted :-)