Marco & a little Ho, Ho, Ho

Monday, December 10, 2012

Our little Marco was up to his antics this past week, both being naughty and trying his best.  Grey has had a lot of practice speaking to Marco with a voice that sounds eerily like ours when we speak to him and his sister.

On day 9, Marco was found reading a book to some of our toy friends under the tree.

On the 10th day, Marco was found slurping up maple syrup in the kitchen.  Grey said, "Marco, syrup isn't for drinking - it's for dipping.  You're going to get a bellyache like the caterpillar."  (Eric Carle's caterpillar from The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Picture Puffins)

On day 11, Marco left us a surprise of tear&bake cookies with a note that suggested the kids ask if we could have milk & cookies for breakfast.  Grey told him,  "Thank you, Marco.  That sounds like a good idea." 

On day 12, Marco was a sneaky little guy and painted the kids' noses red while they were sleeping.  Just like Rudolph from the story we downloaded on our iPad (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer) ...same characters from the tv-movie version from our childhood, yay!

The next day (day 13), Marco was being extra naughty making 'snow' sugar angels.  Greyson said, "Marco, that's not nice.  Now we have to clean up this big mess."

And on day 14, Marco was in a mini-marshmallow ball battle with some of our robots.  Grey ate all those mini-marshmallows up 'all gone' to help Marco clean up his mess.

Other than helping Marco make good choices, we also enjoyed some holiday cheer this past week.  The kids, my Mum, and I made our way to a local high school to enjoy breakfast and crafts with Santa.  Bishop McCort students helped organize the event to raise money for Hogar de Ninos Emanuel in Honduras (my sister actually traveled there to visit with the children many times).

As soon as we arrived, the kids were eager to visit with Santa...but then we got closer and Greyson realized that he was a little scared.  So he stood straight up and down about a foot away from Santa and announced, "The Jungle and Megamind"  (he wants the Jungle Book and Megamind movies).  And then he walked away.  He said his peace and then he was done.  hah!

Even Gemmi did pretty good with Santa the first round. The high school student 'elves' were able to snap a picture of them and then we headed to the breakfast buffet.

We got to visit with our friend, Ryan (who was volunteering as a student elf at the breakfast), and Grey decorated a gingerbread man, and got make some Christmas crafts.  The whole thing was set up so beautifully and all of the students were very patient and sweet with the kids.  

Santa's elves gave us a copy of the picture they took in a foam snowman frame and we thought it was so cute we knew we had to get another - (one for my Mum and one for our house). 

The elves were happy to take another pic and we attempted another shot with Santa.  That one didn't turn out so well....although hilarious that we know have the customary child-screaming-in-Santa's-lap photo (while older brother shrinks in confused worry nearby).


  1. SO very cute, hope you all are enjoying your December- such a great time of year :-)

    1. Hi Sarah !
      Happy holidays to your crew! Hope you all are enjoying too:)

  2. Hi Tabitha! Hopped over from Top Mommy Blogs and am your newest follower! Your littles are simply adorable and Grey sounds like a super smart little boy. Can't wait to do Elf on the Shelf next year with mine!

    1. Hi Sarah, and welcome! Thanks for stopping by and staying :)

  3. You have such a beautiful family! I am definitely taking "Mom" notes for future elves in my house. Wishing you and your family a happy holiday season!

    1. Hi Aly!!!
      Hope all is going smoothly with your bump :). Thinking of you and sending well wishes! Happy holidays to you guys too :)