friends, last minute sleepovers, and more Marco mischief

Monday, December 24, 2012

We have been whipping right through the holiday season and when I looked back through the pictures on my camera last night I got a little weak in the knees over the blogging/re-capping that needs done.  So I'm jumping back a whole two weeks to catch up on our holiday fun and of course to check in on our little Marco-elf man who makes us giggle every morning.

We got some quality playtime in with some friends earlier this month when Uncle Jonny and Ninna came to sleepover one night.  The grown ups stayed up laughing and guzzling sipping with class a bottle or two of wine.  And in the morning, Grey and Gem got to get their fill of Jonny & Ninna attention...and a chance to show off their mad technology skills.

Then we had a visit with Taryn, Dobber, and Deb at our house.  Dobber played the best monster ever (at Grey's 100 requests) and we spent the afternoon watching the Steelers, laughing, and catching up with the Vorndrans/Terchaniks.  

Then one day, I was writing in Greyson's baby book about how we misplaced his Maxie Bear while we were traveling in NYC this fall.  I haven't talked about it (and we haven't brought it up to Grey) because B and I are both a little heartbroken about it.  And when I started crying (!) about it while writing in his book, I up and emailed my good friend, Jessica, who lives in Erie (where we made Maxie) and self-invited myself and the kids for a sleepover on my two days off.  Jessica, being the amazing friend she is, responded back that she was happy to host us and have a last minute sleepover/playdate with her two daughters just a couple days in advance.

So I loaded up my two gremlins and we made the 3 hour trek to Erie - stopping along the way to grab a quick snack

And we all arrived at the Plummer's house in one piece.  Where we played, played, played ourselves well into the night.  The kids all got along famously and they were so sweet sharing and making up crazy games with each other.  I had a great time catching up with Jess and am so thankful to have a friend that opens her home (and organizes meals and sets up sleeping arrangements) last minute for my impromptu sleepover self-invitations just to re-make a lost bear.  (hi Jess!  Thank you so much, again!)

The kids and I headed over to the Millcreek Mall the following day to Build-a-Bear to get a new Maxie. Turns out Grey had his heart set on a puppy dog stuffed animal instead of a bear.  So now we have a Maxie Dog and Gemmi got a bear - Evie Bear (short for Evelyn, named by Gemmi's godmomma, Aunt Kitty).  For future trivia:  Maxie is short for Maxwell, named by Greyson's godfather Uncle Jonny).

6 hours driving with two small humans in less than 24 hours?  Worth it.  They love their Maxie Dog and Evie Bear.  They'll get wrapped up for Christmas (even though they both sleep with them now) because they are young enough to be happily surprised (and genuinely love) opening presents that they already own.

And then later that week, we got to go to Chuck E. Cheese for our cousin Caleb's 2nd birthday party.  The kids went bananas, having about the time of their lives, after chowing down on homemade cupcakes (delicious as always, Gail!) Happy Birthday Caleb!  We love you!

All along, we have been keeping up with our Christmas Tree advent calendar (our tree is really starting to fill up!)

And of course, Marco has been up to his antics...

on Day 15, we found Marco hanging from Greyson's underwear.  He had hung up Grey's underwear in place of all of our stockings

on Day 16, we caught Marco sneaking into the candy jar before breakfast.

on Day 17, Marco had toilet paper'ed the tree!  We had to clean up that big mess carefully so that it didn't mess up any of our ornaments

Day 18, we were having a sleepover in Erie, so Marco took a day off.
But he was back to his mischief on Day 19, when we found he had written us a note on the bathroom mirror (with dry-erase marker)

On Day 20, we awoke to find a couch fort.  The kids had a blast all morning playing in their couch fort that Marco (as Aunt Kitty pointed out) built with his creepishly strong muscles.  (thank you, Marco for the heads up that the couches needed cleaned out at 6am...ugh).

And on Day 21, we had to unwrap the television in the morning, since Marco had wrapped it all up like a giant present.  He is so silly sometimes.

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