Getting Holly Jolly

Monday, December 3, 2012

I don't know how
but somehow it became December 2012.
Was it not just a few weeks ago that we were creating year 2012 goals for our family?
Was it not just a few weeks ago that we had our second child?
Was it not just a few weeks ago that we were outside soaking up the sunshine on our back patio?
Was it not just a few minutes ago that I was the mother of two tiny babies?

Okay, fine.  They are still goofy, tiny babies.

But sometimes they are so much bigger than I expect them to be, it startles me.

No matter how my brain tends to distort time, the calendar and pinterest is telling me it is December.  And so we are well on our way to becoming holly jolly.

We got our tree picked and decorated late last week

We had to get it before December 1st, so that we would be on target for our Christmas tree ornament advent calendar.  Its a big hit again this year.

We've also been spending time hugging and reminding Marco our Elf about trying his best and being kind.  He has good days and bad days - just like our kids and its been a lot of fun finding him each morning to see what he's been up to.

On Day 1:  He left a message for the kids in cereal

On Day 2:  He was found hanging from the kids' ceiling fan

Day 3: We found him making a snack mess while watching Chuggington on the couch.  He must have been awfully sneaky to be able to eat his snack on the couch without the dogs stealing it!

Day 4:  Marco was found hanging on the fridge suggesting we drink milk at breakfast...only to discover he had turned our entire jug of milk green.  We couldn't decide if this act was naughty or fun.

Day 5: Marco was having a 'fancy' dress up tea party with some friends - including an alpaca in a petticoat.  Marco sure  has some stylish friends.  Since he was hugging that puppy, we figured it was proof that he was trying his best to be kind.

So Gemmi decided Marco could use some hugs too

Day 6:  Marco was found fishing in our fish tank!  That was mostly naughty, but maybe a little helpful as Daddy took it as a reminder that the tank needed cleaned.

On Day 7:  Marco had set up a little surprise activity for us with some magical elf dirt (oatmeal), candy cane seeds, and some magical elf dust (sprinkles).  Grey was happy to plant some candy cane seeds for him and Gem.  (we tried to let Gemmi plant some, but that turned into a bigger mess than even Marco has ever made).

pinspiration from here

On Day 8, after planting our candy cane seeds, we awoke to find a great surprise.  Marco showed us what had grown from our seeds and the kids were very pleased to have breakfast dessert.

We have also stopped by Reindeer Cam a few times and we've finally remembered to do it at 11am est yesterday.  While checking out the reindeer- Santa came out to feed them!  We got to see Santa (he even waved at us) and we watched his dog and baby goat (who was wearing a tiny holiday dress).

The season is rapidly getting underway.  I'm attempting to stay upbeat and excited rather than slinking away from staring my gift buying list in the face.  Shelly over at the Cunningham Family in Bush Alaska wrote a beautiful post yesterday about 'enjoying the doing' that I'm going to maybe make my holiday mantra.  Make sure you read her post if you're feeling like you're slipping into a holiday panic coma (hi, Shelly!)

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  1. Aww, you made me tear up! Thank you for the shout out, and for sending some blog traffic my way. I love having new readers! The holidays are supposed to be fun, and I think they were when I was little. But now that I'm the mom it is WAY TOO EASY to get all stressed out about the details escaping me! Thank goodness for words of wisdom, right!?!