Summer safety with the Studers

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

While I'm working on my Couch to 10k program (update:  I'm not as consistent as I'd hoped on working the program.  Although our Color Me Rad 5k is fast approaching in August), I realized that it might be time for a double stroller since I had a hellava time trying to find a comfortable spot for my little dictator coach (who screams, "Mumma, fast!") during a recent run with both kids in tow.  

We're currently scoping this stroller out since it would allow Grey to get on and off without a bunch of fuss.  He changes his mind too much to be dealing with buckles.  The ability for him to stand is also appealing - any thoughts/reservations/suggestions?  Thanks!

With two fair skinned babies, we are also all about hats and umbrellas in our world.  As mentioned here, Gem has been sporting her floppy hat all summer to keep the sun off her sweet, bald head.  We also purchased a table umbrella for our patio table after attempting breakfast one morning without it.  Both kids huddled under my makeshift shade for dear life.  We promptly headed out to Lowes to get a proper umbrella and we've eaten breakfast outside almost daily since then (and its become quite a comfortable outdoor office for me!)

Have you seen this video where babies can learn to flip over and float in case they fall into a pool?  They learn it while they are fully dressed and to cry/call out for help.  The first part is hard to watch as a momma, and then its like holy moley, best thing I've ever seen.  Somehow we need to get our kids to learn this.  

Please also, take two minutes to read this fascinating article about drowning.  Seriously, maybe the most important thing I'll read this whole summer.  

Alas, our kids don't know the flip&float technique(yet).  So we are working on teaching Grey to swim all together (on his 2012 goal list!) and helping Gem get comfortable in the water.  We've already spent some time swimming at Gigi & Pap Pap's pool this summer.

We also went ahead and purchased neck pillows for each of the kids since our summers consist of a lot of car time driving to and fro.  Not really safety, hah, just better neck alignments.  We went and purchased the Baby & Kids Travel Pillow from One Step Ahead (along with a few other items because that website is dangerous for a momma to go on, oops).  As soon as it arrived, I tried it out with Gemmi and she slept like a baby (hah! she IS a baby) but with her head supported instead of all slumped and forward.  We've tried other neck support things in their car seats, but without any success.  We seem to have a winner, folks.

So far, summer has been fairly kind to us.  No sunburns or bee stings (yet! eek!), plenty of skinned knees and bug bites though already.  Finally, do you know about this little trick to keep flies away

Happy summer'ing!


  1. Haha! We have the same stroller and double up on the babies in it! It so does not work!

  2. Hi! I have been enjoying your blog for a while now but just had to write when I saw the video you posted. I am an ISR Instructor and I thought you might want to read more about Miles, the little boy in the video:

    Have a great (and safe!) summer!

  3. thanks so much for the link to the article about drowning -- such valuable info! love your blog :)