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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I got into the blogging world back in 2008 with my first blog post after I was slipping into a post-wedding-planning semi-depression and from being inspired after reading the book Julie and Julia.  Almost four years later, my blog has changed in a lot of ways; from photo size to writing style to writing content to number of readers.  It has been my creative outlet and most surprisingly, a way to connect to old friends and meet new friends.

What I'm trying to get at is that on a normal basis I don't feel like my blogging is anything other than my strange and sometimes pensive thoughts falling out of my brain onto the keyboard.  And then occasionally I'll get a comment on one of my posts, or an email from a reader I don't personally know, or a response on my facebook and I'll be smacked in the face with the humility stick.  

Well that just happened again, when I heard from K.Innes over at Innes Family v3.0 that she had awarded me the Kreativ Blogger award.  But what's more is when I headed over to her blog to check her out - she has me listed as part of her inspiration to start blogging herself.  Um, what?!  Hiiiiiii, that's crazy and I can't even begin to describe how incredible it is to hear that I inspired you to start writing.  Honestly, I'm humbled.

So I'm joining in on the blog awarding train and sending some love back into the blogosphere (oh yea, I just went there with that word).  

The Rules:
1. Thank & link back to the awarding blog.
2. Answer the following 7 questions.
3. Provide 10 random facts about yourself.
4. Hand the award on to 7 deserving others.

7 Questions:
1. Favorite Song?  ever, ever, ever, ever?  Joy to the World by Three Dog Night (written by Hoyt Axton).  (you know the one, Jeremiah was a bullfrog, he was a good friend of mine... Your welcome because I know you're rocking out to that in your mind right now.  Here's a youtube video of it if you need a quick feel good session)

2. Favorite dessert?  this is an unfair question, any dessert.  I love dessert.  period.  I have a 'dessert compartment' in my stomach that no matter how much normal food I've eaten, I always have room for dessert.  the end.

3. What do you when you're upset?  I make lists. [...I was going to leave it at that, but then when I re-read that it sounded straight up like A Beautiful Mind-newspaper-taping-crazy answer.]  I make lists that help organize plans, or for good things that happened that day, or goals I want to accomplish.  Or I call my sister.

4. Which is your favorite pet?  After re-reading some of my earliest posts, I guess Lola is my favorite.  She was our first joint pet and is the only pet who has lived in all of the places we have lived together (starting with teeny tiny Punxsy apartment).  Ah!  Is admitting you have a favorite pet taboo when you have 4 pets?  hhaha.  Don't tell the others please.

5. Which do you prefer, white or whole wheat?  everything bagels.  wait, what?

6. What's your biggest fear?  I watched this insane show on animal planet where they had a dramatization where a three year old boy was constricted to death by a giant snake.  And then I had a nervous breakdown that my kids would die before me..not just by snake constriction, but by any way.  That would be my biggest fear.  ever.

7. What is your attitude mostly?  Well after that last question, sheesh.  Right now I'm feeling slightly unnerved.  But in usual life, I'm grateful because my life is so full of love and hilarious at the same time.

10 Random Facts about me

1. I am horrible, h.o.r.r.i.b.l.e at responding to texts.  horrible.

2. I remember my dreams almost every night.

3. Last week we bought supplies for smores because its on our list to do this summer with the kids.  And then we kept getting too busy to make a fire.  And then everyday I would eat a whole chocolate bar.  Now there's no chocolate bars left.  And I ruined smore night.  please see question #2 above.

4.  I kind of lied about my first blog post being in 2008.  My first blog post ever was really in 2007 on this crazy blog for our wedding party to keep them posted on upcoming wedding events.  Its hysterical that I thought anyone cared about my wedding details as much as I did as the bride.  This is a public announcement that our friends are the most amazing people on the planet.  Mostly because they stood and grinned through all of my crazy.  (that blog isn't even the tip of the iceburg folks, you should have seen my lists for that.  good Lord.)

5. Sometimes when I look back at my wedding planning stuff I can't even believe I was that organized.  Or crazy.  Who was that girl?  I wish she would come clean and organize my house now.  I miss her sometimes.  I'm not sure Brandon does though.

6. I like Oscar Meyer bologna rolled up around a mozzarella string cheese.  Greyson thinks that qualifies as a sandwich.  Sometimes we eat those together for afternoon snacks.  I'm fully aware meat probably should not be able to roll up like that.

7. I secretly love the smell of baby spit up.

8. When I was moving out of my parents' house for college, we found this envelope I had hidden in the closet when I was younger with these certifiably-crazy hate notes I wrote about things that I believed were grievances that my parents and sisters had done to me.  I am not exaggerating or making this up:  one of them was that my sister and I were 'allowed' to have deodorant at the same time, even though I was two years older than her.  I don't know what's more embarrassing - that I was upset about that or that I wrote it down and hid it in my closet in an envelope that literally said "for tab's eyes only" and the word eyes wasn't written out, it was a drawing of a pair of eyes.

9. Sometimes when I look back at my old diaries and creepy secret hate envelopes I can't believe I was ever that self-involved.  Or crazy.  Who was that girl?  I'll tell you who - Gemma in like 13 years.  I cannot wait to let her read all of those.  Maybe laughing at my teenage angst will spare her some of her own.

10. I have almost no filter for recognizing that I may be doing/saying something that other people think is embarrassing; my family and friends can attest to this.  If you need immediate proof please see #'s 3, 4, 7, and 8.

Blog Nominees
So, I'm calling you blogs out and sending some traffic your way because you deserve it:)

Diapers & Daisies - Sarah and I have become kind of blog friends (right?  hi, Sarah!)  I get more traffic referred to my blog from her blog than almost any other place.  (thanks, Sarah!)  We both wrote lists that start with the words, "25 Rules for Moms with" and both of our lists tipped on Pinterest around the same time.  She's awesome and creative and she really loves Shel Silverstein:)

Zina Carolina - Zina is my friend from college.  I laugh hysterically at every post she writes and I live vicariously through her adventures.  I miss her regularly.  She's funny and an incredible writer which I think is sometimes a hard thing to balance, but Zina pulls it off seamlessly.  She deserves more readers, so get over there stat.

Pop Heart Press - I can't remember what came first, Heather commenting on my post or me ordering a print from her etsy store...but whichever it was, I'm glad it happened.  She has twin boys who are absolutely adorable.  Plus she lets me slide on not responding to her emails on time (ahem, I promise I'm getting that address for you!)

Melodyejoy's Weblog - Melodye and I met each other by way of my sister.  And then became better friends when we both realized we were bloggers.  She is an avid reader of my blog (which I so appreciate!).  She finds strength everyday to live her life with purpose and creativity while battling MS.  Oh, and she makes jewelry that looks like it belongs in stores.  Melodye, it's time for an etsy store.  like now.

The Life Ramblings of the Ribble Family - Nora and I met in college through my roommate sophomore year and blogging brought us together again some 4 or 5 years later.  She is a momma to two babies just like me, only born in reverse gender than mine.  She is a military wife too (thanks, Guy- for your service!).

I Adore Inspiration - Stevie and I met in Brooklyn while we were both teaching with Teach for America.  She's kind of the coolest.  She's the type of person that you meet and you know she definitely has a little magic in her; flowers and sparkles just seem to follow her.

A Design So Vast - somehow through the weird, winding threads of the internet I found Lindsey's blog.  It was actually a link back that she had connected through my '25 rules' list that had been posted on The Good Men Project that led me to her.  And then I read what she had wrote in response to what I had wrote and I felt like maybe she should have written the list in the first place.  She's an amazing writer and I regularly read her words aloud because they are so poignantly written.  I don't actually know her, but I kind of wish I did.

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