Chippity chop chop chop

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Look what I did:

I have been getting to the point with two babies that my long hair is becoming a bit of a hassle.  It has also been on my summer goal list to donate my hair and get a pixie cut (as well as a longtime dream I've had).  So, I made an appointment this week and just went ahead and did.  

I have had on my Before 30 list (see to the right) to grow "mermaid hair," aka hair long enough to not have to wear a bathing suit top, hah.  I have been growing my hair out since about 2009 and I think I've made it to the maximum length my hair will get.  Although it isn't technically mermaid status, it is much longer than I've had since my high school days.  

The truth is though that I take my hair for granted, big time.  So getting it chopped and donated to Locks of Love, I know my hair will go to someone who will appreciate it more than I ever did - and that makes me feel glad.  

In a flash, we had chopped off a little more than 11 inches to send off to Locks of Love.  

I had brought in some pins for pixie inspiration like this and this.  Basically it was just a matter of the hair stylist snipping more and more until I went from the bob haircut, to Justin Beiber lookalike style, to just what I was looking for.  And since I was ready to go back to a blondie like my good 'ole days, we went ahead and lightened my new 'do too.

And now I look like this!

It's amazing how much easier it is now to have such a quick fix to get ready in the morning and no spit up in my hair!  It is rather shocking to see it at first (warning to all my friends & family that haven't seen me in person yet), but after a few minutes staring at me, its a little less of a surprise.  

Since Wednesday, it has started to grow on Brandon after the intial shock of it.  He says he thinks I could have any hair style and I'd still be pretty.  He is nice.  Greyson and Gemma don't even notice, which was a huge surprise to me because I would be lying if I didn't say I was a little nervous they wouldn't recognize me.  They must only see my face when they look at me, because whatever the rest of my head looks like is irrelevant to how they know their mumma.

I'll apologize now that during my next few blog posts, I might be posting pictures that I look drastically different depending on whether the pics took place pre or post hair chop.  Let's just consider it a timestamp.  hah.


  1. What an awesome transformation! Do you feel like a new woman?! :)

    I'm hoping my hair will be long enough to donate by the end of the year. I'm not brave enough to go as short as you!

  2. you look amazing and thanks for donating your hair to locks of love. what a fab idea!

    The short hair becomes you!

  3. oh my goodness- what a shock! The short, light hair makes your eyes pop :) On behalf of my mom and the many others who lost/will lose their hair due to chemotheraphy or other reasons, thank you for donating your hair!

  4. Wow! What a big change! I think you are beautiful in both pictures. i think you are especially beautiful for donating your hair to locks of love.

  5. You look awesome! The new cut and colour REALLY suit you!

    I got mine cut short when bubs was about 1 and it was SO much easier to deal with. And on the days where I didn't get around to doing anything with my hair, it still looked good :-)

    Fantastic idea to donate it too! Wish I'd known about that when I did mine.