Friday, November 14, 2008

Brandon, Lola, and I all have addictive personalities, thankfully, to nothing that is considered "harmful" to our bodies and/or mind. Well, harmful in the conventional way. Not really addictions, but not really just things we "like" to do either. We are borderline obsessed.

Brandon addictions:
1. hunting
2. fishing
3. falling asleep on the couch after dinner
4. Dirty Jobs
5. Parental Control on MTV
6. Prisonbreak
7. chicken wings
8. ME

My addictions:
2. anything chocolate
3. green tea
4. facebook
5. watching movie trailers online
6. youtube
7. pizza
8. HIM

Lola's addictions:
1. sleeping on people's legs
2. jumping into empty boxes/bags
3. fighting the water out of the bathroom faucet
4. trying to pull the paper out of the printer/fax machine as its printing
5. talking like a raccoon
6. chasing the laser
7. tuna with egg canned food
8. her daddy

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