Stirling & Josh (or Mummie & Daddy visit Austin, TX)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We were very lucky to be able to travel to Austin, Texas to help celebrate my dear friend, Stirling's wedding.  The grandmas were feeling pretty lucky to get the weekend sharing Greyson while mum&dad escaped away for some alone time!  We met Poppa & Aunt Kitty at the halfway mark on Friday and then B and I drove the rest of the way to catch our flight in Pittsburgh.  After a couple drinks and two easy flights, we landed in Austin to beautiful night weather.  Despite our parent/old  people exhaustion, we managed to make our way out to the Austin social scene on 6th street and had a couple beers.  Elena & Matt met us out a little later and it was like no time had passed at all.  Oh, how I missed that girl. 

On Saturday morning, despite best intentions on getting up early to sight-see, B and I slept in past 11am for the first time in months.  It was blissful.  We mosied out of bed and threw on some clothes and made our way to the farmer's market that Stirling had suggested in her 'little black book of Austin' (best suggested wedding itinerary ever!)

After a delicious breakfast at the farmer's market, a long walk up & down Congress Street, and a real-live cowboy hat purchase for Daddy & boo boo; we made our way back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding.  We got dressed up to the nines (no spit up involved!) with only a few surprises (thanks for chewing the back of dad's vest, Bullet!) we met up with Matt for a drink or two before catching the bus to the wedding.

Dreamlike and perfection are appropriate adjectives to describe the ceremony and reception.  Stir really out-did herself on all the planning and the Laguna Gloria is a beautiful location.  With no baby in tow, Brandon and I celebrated the heck out of that marriage and danced the night away with friends that we don't see often enough. 

Congrats Stir & Josh!  We love you guys!

When I talked to my dad after getting back from the trip he said, "that was a pretty rough weekend; up and back flights with layovers, missed your first flight back, first time away from ya' holding up?"  I answered honestly, "it wasn't bad at all."  And that was the first time it had even dawned on me that maybe it should have been less enjoyable of a trip. Even when we had overslept and missed our original flight back, we were cracking jokes and giggling in the airport.  It was a great trip and most of it is in part to because we each have a great traveling buddy.  The thing is - we have traveling worked out between us.  I'm the boss at the airport, he's the boss in the car.  No questions asked.  You lead when you're the boss, you follow when you're not.  This happy, in love weekend was the perfect reminder for us about how nice it is to have each other...just in time for our anniversary next week:)

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