Note to self

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

16 year old young, beautiful, smart tab,

hi.  hope your day is going well today in high school.  i'm from the future.  i'm you.  i'm 27.  guess what! you are in fact going to marry Brandon Studer, so go ahead and keep practicing his last name as your own.  he will still be just as cute now as he is in school today when you're both "old."  newsflash by the way, 27 isn't old so stop saying that. 
you have a son too and he's really stinking cute and you love him, bad.  you'll be surprised how much babies spit up and how much energy they take, so enjoy being young and beautiful and having such a great body.  no, shut up...I dont' care what you think, you'll be me and look back at your high school self and wonder what the hell was your problem when you were self loathing.  seriously, you're hot, so shut your mouth.
you have a dog and two cats and a great house.  On the outside it looks just like all your daydreams, but everyday your life more closely resembles a vaguely funny but predictable comic strip.  do you know that I discovered cat poop under the laundry room rug today.  I'm not kidding, the cats pooped there and then covered it up with the rug - i'm embarassed to even tell you that i honestly don't know how long its been there.
don't wish away your life now.  i promise, we're all waiting here for you in the future.  it is great fun and full of love out here where we are waiting.  You'll love it, but don't hurry along.  give your spikey-haired, young, cute boyfriend who will someday be your bald-headed, still cute and funny husband a kiss for me.  His kisses are about the only thing that are still just the same and sweet out here in the future.

love you,
27 year old, not as young, still beautiful despite the spit-up & knotted hair, smarter tab

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  1. Oh my gosh, I loved reading this one, Tabitha! Why were we so hard on our young selves?!?