Camo country

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Marriage is all about compromise; anyone will tell ya.  Well October-November is two whole months of compromise in our house.  October 1st is a very exciting day for my husband, one he looks forward to all year.  Its the day that our house "goes camo" in full moral support of hunting season.  Our bed sheets are camo, we have camo shower curtains...even the baby is involved with camo crib sheets!

Our first day of archery & buck season have a little tradition that I get to be involved in.  When B gets up, I am able to miraculously drag myself out of bed to put on his coffee and start making his hunting breakfast treat; sticky buns.  I got the recipe from Real Simple magazine (my fav).  Its quick, easy, and delicious:

Roll of frozen biscuits
brown sugar
walnuts/pecans (optional)
cinnamon/sugar (other choice)

heat the oven to 375

In a cupcake pan, place a thinly sliced pad of butter in each section.  Sprinkle about a half teaspoon of brown sugar on top of the butter pads.  If interested, top with a very thinly sliced piece of banana and/or nuts.  Cover the mixture with a frozen biscuit.

Bake for 8-10 minutes or until brown

While still hot, place a baking sheet on top of the cupcake pan and flip over.  Pull the cupcake pan off and the sticky buns will be left on the baking sheet.  Yum!  Even though I want no involvement in the rest of his hunting experience, by getting up to make his breakfast snack, I can still be a part of his favorite day of the year.

Happy Hunting Season!

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