House updates!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Since moving in, we have done some slow but steady changes to the house to make it more "us." Here are just a few things that have been changed recently:)

I put up new curtains in the dining room (darker brown) and we finally switched out the old light fixture-used to be purple and pink (ew)- for a black cylinder light fixture with decorative leaves.  I got it on and it goes very well with our table centerpiece.  We are also working on getting a bigger dining room table, just haven't made the final decision yet.  (Plus- the high chair is up!)

Our living room was kind of sterile and boring, so I also hung up some curtains, but didn't want to cover all the light we get from the glass I just got valances to soften the room a little.  Then I borrowed an idea I saw once in an Pottery Barn catalog and took three of my favorite books (The Alchemist, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and The Secret Life of Bees) and framed them open to some of the inspiring passages inside.  Brandon thinks it looks a little museum-y, but I love it.  Plus, the books aren't locked on those pages forever- so in a few months, I can change the pages to a different passage:)

Finally, the nursery is almost finished- just a few more accessories to put together and some little stuff that needs to find a final resting place in our house.  With only 8 more weeks to go- we are in good shape and the room should be already for when our little man arrives!  (You see Bullet is anxiously awaiting his new best friend!)...and yes, that's the "mouse baby" in the crib- hah!

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  1. i love that book framing idea! and are you sure that monkey on the right in the baby's room isn't going to jump in the crib? p.s. like how i am commenting on almost every post? i just rediscovered your blog.