February Kindness- hello Firemen!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Our February kindness is to bake cookies for the local Fire Department.  I've been sick all week and home alone with Bullet while B is in Texas for work- so I totally took the easy way out and bought the "just pop in then oven" cookies from the store...cheater.  But I think the thought still counts and I did add sprinkles to the sugar cookies, so I put in some type of effort.  In any case, they turned out really yummy (you have to eat the not perfect ones!)

Even though its an easy kindness, its still a little weird dropping them off unannounced.  Generally, people think you're a little wacky (see previous post for December2009 kindness), but I pushed through the awkward feeling and headed over to Fire Station 47 on Sterrettania.  A high school aged looking kid answered the door and I told him I just wanted to drop off some cookies for Valentine's Day and thanks for what they do.  He said thanks and I headed to the car.  As I was pulling away, the fire engine garage door opened and another older firemen came out and smiled & waved.  I smiled and waved back.  It made me happy:)


  1. my fiance is a firefighter. they totally appreciate all the kindness shown to them! thanks for caring about our real daring & selfless heros!

    much love,