Bullet's Backpack

Thursday, February 11, 2010

It has been a long journey (already!) getting used to having a rambunctious puppy in our home.  It has also been good practice for me to prepare that things aren't always going to be perfectly clean or in order like I like it.  So, even though there has been some crying and frustration; it has all been for the best.

I have been doing some puppy research online (especially pitbull puppy) and found that maybe what our little Bullet is lacking is a sense of purpose and a job.  Apparently, Bully dogs (Pitbulls, Staffordshire terriers, etc) are positively effected by having a "job" and I think we found Bullet's career!

We got Bullet a puppy backpack that he has started wearing on walks as part of his job-related duties (hahhaha!).  He didn't like it at first go- but he now walks with pride and with his chest out (I think so anyway!) He carries treats and clean poo bags in one side, and on the way back- the other side is filled with full poo bags (hooray that I don't have to carry them!)  Unfortuntely, PetCo only had them in neon green, so he kind of looks like a tourist gone wrong in his little fanny pack, but it works, so who cares.

We have also been taking him on at least two walks a day (mid-day and evening), and will move it up to three walks once the baby gets here (early morning, mid-day, evening).  He is so much better behaved when he gets some energy out and it has been really good to get him socialized and meeting the neighbors.  He loves making new friends.  Our walks are about 30-40 minutes long and just around our neighborhood.  We have a field/trail that is also nearby that B and I have been itching to walk Bullet (and to see for ourselves what its like) but just haven't gotten around to it.  Once the nicer weather comes though, we are going to have to make some trips to Presque Isle to do some walking- can't wait!

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