Brandon paints for 12 hours straight..

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yesterday, Brandon took up post in the basement at around 10am and did not stop painting until about 11pm. Our new basement is that huge?! Also contributing to the time consumption was the fact that half of the wall space down there is concrete bricks; forcing B to have a three-step process to the paint: 1. Paint the brick cracks (hah) 2. Paint the outline (top, bottom, sides) with a mini-roller 3. Paint the middle with the big roller. So, it took forever...and still isn't done! He has only about 2.5 walls left (one of which is brick) and hopes to finish it on Monday (he's working today).

Anytime I needed to help B downstairs, I enlisted my ever-handy face mask. Safety first when it comes to the dove... Brandon spent the whole day with my itouch listening to the same 24 songs on repeat...I thought I was going to lose my mind. Finally around 9pm, we changed the playlist and apparently the music had been driving B crazy too, but he didn't know how to change it- hahhah. The paint looks soo good and reminds me of chocolate mousse. Surprisingly it doesn't make me hungry, it kind of feels comfy.

While Brandon painted the day away, I was upstairs busy working on multiple projects including cleaning the windows and general cleaning of the sun room. For a eco-friendly and seriously works window cleaner use the following method (thank you Marianne!)
4-6 tbsp of white vinegar
bucket of hot water
wipe windows with wet rag (from the preceding mixture)
Dry window with newspaper

You will find that there will be not a streak in its safe for the environment AND you get double bonus for REUSING newspaper:)

After I got through the sun room, I had to take down the blinds on the sun room doors because the previous owners had really made a mess of them and ended up taping them together (?!?!!) Now its really creepy at night, because through the sun room doors, you see straight to the window deck doors and out into the field...eek!

Next was to the kitchen to wipe out all the cupboards and drawers- nasty. But I'm glad its done. Each trip I made back to the house, I keep bringing random things (giant steamer pot, crockpot, mixer, etc) I labeled all the cupboards and drawers with masking tape and a title so it will be easy for whoever is helping us to put stuff away (plus, now Brandon might know where to find things!)

I ran back to our townhouse for trick-or-treaters last night, but alas, I had only four show up! Whoa, left over candy.
Finally, I masked off the nursery, upstairs hallway, and foyer in preparation for this weekend. It still feels like a long road, but we are slowly making progress!

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