Before it snows...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Since it will probably start snowing VERY shortly, here is a view of our yard while it is still green.

We have almost a half acre and a nice big area in the back including a fire ring. Brandon hopes to put some horseshoe pits in the back. We also have a shed that was put up by the previous owners...we don't hate it!

Our deck starts on the side of the house; off of the sun room and wraps around to about the fireplace room. We are hoping to extend the deck a little farther next summer and it needs stained.

We only have neighbors to the left of our house and to the front. I met our next door neighbors yesterday and they were kind. They have two teenage daughters who are "certified to babysit by the Red Cross" Woohoo! On the right of our house is a vacant field. Currently there is not any plans to build more houses there:)

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