Summer Life Update

Friday, October 9, 2009

August was a VERY busy, crazy month for the Studers. Please see previous post (Jinxy Cat) and following posts for further details.

On July 24th, we had the sweetest little addition come into our lives. My cousin Stefanie and her husband Justin gave birth to our goddaughter, Mallory Lauren. She is the tiniest, sweetest little sugar plum. She came into the world 2 months early because she is a little diva. We already love her so much.
Our months of kindness have been going very well. In August, we made a donation to an Erie gym class (for stacking supplies) through Donors Choose is an awesome website where teachers all over the country post classroom wishes/needs. Donors (i.e. regular people) can search different states/cities or types of wishes/needs and make donations towards the projects. We were glad to support the town we live in and Brandon was happy to support hand-eye coordination in Erie youth. hah.

Dad organized a surprise 49th birthday party for my Mum on August 1st. Talk about a party! Justin's band played and there were so many people there. Repeat Offenders (Justin's band) was awesome and they played long into the night. Tasha made an awesome Mem Slide ( ) for my mom and everyone loved it. SCF put on a ridiculous lip-synching/dancing rendition of "Waiting for a Star to Fall." Overall, awesome party!

Tasha and I made an outrageously long road trip down to North Carolina to see my dearest Emily Mae get married. It was a perfect ceremony and reception and I was soooo happy to see all my favorite Costa Rica friends again. It had been since 2004 since I'd seen Meg!!! Pura Vida for all of us being back together again<3>

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